10) Creation Care Group has Launched a Brigada-Like Newsletter

Ed Brown and the gang at the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network (LWCCN) have developed a monthly newsletter, The Pollinator, to help track the many exciting developments in the growing global creation care movement. Check out the Pollinator’s webpage and sign up to get this great resource in your inbox at


or the coordinated Facebook page

Ed was kind enough to say that he viewed the newsletter as “Brigada’s little sister!” : ) God bless you Ed!


2) Ask What FOR Instead of What FROM

stewardship bookmarkChris McDaniel is suggesting, “Instead of asking what you want FROM your givers, ask what you want FOR your givers.” He’s the author of Igniting Your Generosity, which offers a resource for churches, missionaries, and agencies to equip Christians to faithfully steward their time, talents and treasures. He argues we should want our supporters to grow as stewards. And he suggest we ought to be providing resources TO supporters that help to equip them on their journey with Christ. Now he’s offering, “The Stewardship Bookmark,” which can be sent as a low-cost gift to supporters from missionaries, churches and agencies to serve as a catalyst for discussions about stewardship. The content has been designed to help Christians understand that growing as a steward is a key component of discipleship. The front of the bookmark outlines a four-phased growth process of a disciple with supporting Scriptures that relate to stewardship. Those phases are: Come and See, Follow Me, Deny Yourself, and Take up Your Cross. The back of the bookmark highlights some of the most prevalent lies from Satan and the opposing Scriptures that guide to truth. Learn more and order at…

Bulk and quantity discounts are available. Customization option are available for orders of 1,000 or more.

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