1) Improve Your Storytelling and Improve Ministry Effectiveness?

Understand the importance – and urgency – of story for ministry effectiveness. Learn how story applies to reaching and teaching people for Christ. Mission Media U is offering its five-week online mentored experience for you and your team. Visit


to find course details, instructor and mentor bios, and comments from previous students. The course runs February 20-March 20.



5) Tell Jesus’ Story to the Unreached

storytellingPeople who aren’t ready to hear the gospel still love a story. Jesus’ ability to connect to a person’s heart through stories is one reason people sought him Join the StoryRunners School of Storying, an interactive workshop March 15-20, 2015, or September 13 – 18, 2015 in Orlando, FL (USA) to learn how to use storying to enhance and to expand your ministry. You’ll also learn how you can help to start church planting movements among unreached peoples around the world. Get more information and submit an application at

or call Melissa 405-306-5348 (USA).

4) Bible Storytelling Training in Ireland

Over 80% of the world cannot (or does not prefer to) learn from reading. Story is the communication vehicle of choice for these oral learners. Take part in a “Simply the Story” (STS) workshop in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, Rep of Ireland from April 28 to May 2. You’ll learn ways to tell fascinating, accurate stories and to lead interactive discussions on Bible passages. Equip teams for short-term missions trips. Add excitement to family devotions. Witness naturally at work. Maximize church planting on the mission field.

Download the workshop brochure and find out more information here:

Or contact Kathy

7) Oral Bible Storying: Tell Jesus’ Story the Way He Did

Jesus knew the power of a story to communicate a message. Learn how to communicate HIS story using orally told bible stories in any kind of ministry setting: for evangelism, church planting, & discipleship; with individuals or groups; with unreached people groups or right at home. Join the StoryRunners School of Storying, March 23-28, 2014. Check out

or call Melissa +1-405-306-5348 (USA).

13) Oral Dramas to teach HIV prevention

Grandma’s Village oral dramas are now available through Kerus Global Education. The 32 dramas on CD are designed for radio use or group listening. Used in community centers, schools, orphan care centers and churches, listeners enjoy the serial dramas. Designed for Africans, these programs were produced by TransWorld Radio and Kerus Global Education in both African English and Swahili. The serial story has biblical, spiritual and physical applications including HIV/AIDS prevention. Visit the website to learn more and order

11) MAF-LT Presents Oral Strategies Workshop

Over two-thirds of the world cannot, or will not, learn from reading. But stories open the road to their hearts. MAF-Learning Technologies offers Oral Strategies Workshops in many places around the world. However, each year they offer one in the US. This year it will take place in Boise, Idaho June 4-8 2013. Students will learn to teach the same way Jesus taught. They will be able to tell fun, accurate Bible stories, lead interactive Bible studies, and equip short-term mission teams. The methods taught work particularly well with people groups who are preferred oral communicators, but even the highly literate find new insights. For more information or to register go to:

5) How Can You Help Others Learn Bible Stories More Effectively?

This past week, Mark Snowden told us about a professional storyteller named John Walsh. “He uses a highly interactive procedure in BibleTelling training to involve everyone in a larger group in the action. According to my notes at an ION workshop, John said that after telling the story, he gets them to practice it. He shows them a storyboard that he uses to remember the main scenes. His storyboard is simply a set of cards or posters with simple stick figures depicting the action in the Bible story. John divides the group into pairs and asks them to use his storyboard to retell the story to each other. Then he asks them in larger groups to describe the locations in the story. He retells the story. At that point he divides them into creative art groups. One group develops a drama; another works out a pantomime. A third group creates a song and still another paints pictures of the story. Then he has each group present their production to the whole group. By the time John is finished, his listeners have heard or experienced the story twelve times!” Learn more about Mark and his co-workers at

At the website, you can also learn more about the International Orality Network (ION) 2013 Conference, September 15-18, at the Doubletree Hotel, just outside St. Louis, MO.

6) Get Trained for Storying Among Unreached Peoples —

Register online for this Orlando, Florida Bible storying training, Oct 1 – 5, at


The organizers have added new elements to this course that reportedly train you to produce an audio recording of a chronological set of Bible stories into the heart language of your UPG AND enable you to design strategies for using those stories to start Bible story groups and plant churches in your UPG.

8) Get Trained for Storying Among Unreached Peoples —

Unleash the Power of Bible Storying in Your Unreached People Group!  Register online for Orlando, Florida Bible storying training, Oct 1 – 5, at 


The organizers have added new elements to this course that reportedly train you to produce an audio recording of a chronological set of Bible stories into the heart language of your UPG AND enable you to design strategies for using those stories to start Bible story groups and plant churches in your UPG.

4) Storyrunners: “This is a Story from God’s Word” —

Our organization continues to benefit from training in chronological Bible storytelling. I bet yours does too. I’ve shared here about the fact that we trained at Storyrunners…


What I like about their training is that, among other things, they aren’t too proud to implement changes and improvements. After we participated in their training recently, we ended the 40 hours by offering several gentle suggestions for improvement, including the use of actual non-Christians from other cultures to hear and process the stories that participants were writing. Last week, we heard from the leadership of Storyrunners that they have now implemented those suggestions and both they and their participants are loving the results — which makes me want to go back and take the training again so I can hear the story all over again! I’m not sure how quickly I can do that… but I hope you can soon. Check out their website and their [always improving] training. You’ll be glad you did… when you tell your next story from God’s word!

8) The Strategic Work of Bible Storying (0rality) —

Entire villages and towns have been transformed from faithless to the faithful because of the simple but profound work of teaching scripture through the spoken word.  Bible Storying can be used strategically and successfully in any ministry from local/national outreach to international work; whether at the local coffee shop or with a group of students or adults.


Because the respective organizers believe so deeply in this approach to missions, Simply Tell the Story has partnered with StoryRunners to form a 3-day training conference June 7-9 in Louisville, KY.  This is the first training of this kind in the Louisville area, and it will equip you to use storying as you engage with people about the Word.  You will learn how to use story sets, from creation to Christ with any one in any context.  Register today!  To learn more, please visit


Please register early; they expect this training to fill up!

8) Free Studies using Bible Storying for Church Plants —

Are you planting among those with a Western worldview, particularly Americans and Canadians? Several Bible Study options are now available at no cost for church planters. The Spiritual Transformation Series is a 35-session series for relational small groups that use Bible Storying. “Catching Fire” is a 12-session study for new believers based on an oral T4T. “Church Ministries” and “Multiplying Disciples” are 8-session studies that establish the new plant. Just email your name, church name, location, and launch date. The curriculum is offered free to plants one year or younger. They’ll email you the studies in PDF files. Not a new church plant? These same resources and many others are available for purchase. Ask for a Storying Resource Guide by emailing Mark Snowden at



Mark has been a Bible Storying trainer for 15 years and co-authored Truth That Sticks (NavPress) with the late Avery Willis.

6) I’m Looking Forward to Training On Storying —

Want to join me for a training on orality or storying? Just visit


and register for the Feb. 26 – Mar 2 class in Orlando. I can’t wait. We’ll learn how to choose, custom-craft, and deliver storying materials, tools, and training. We’ll learn how chronological Bible storying can enable and empower a new outreach among a previously unreached people group. Join me. We’ll have a ball.

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