Stubborn Perseverance

1) Steep Discounts on the Book, “Stubborn Perseverance”

Stubborn Perseverance may be the only STORY written to help readers learn and adapt CPM principles to their own context, and it carries more than 50 endorsements. For example, David Garrison wrote, “Stubborn Perseverance reveals the inner workings of a CPM and invites readers to launch a movement.” A field team leader in Southeast Asia (initials K.D.) described it this way: “I’ve read Contagious Disciple-Making, Miraculous Movements and Wind in the House of Islam. And I’ve trained in Any-3 and Camel Method (all great!). Stubborn Perseverance distills them [all] into the manual I want for our team.”

During the past two years of continuing refinement, print copies were only available through expensive “on demand” printing. Now production costs are being reduced through a volume printing, making it possible for the first time to offer steep pre-publication discounts of 50% and more ($7.50-$10 off per book), with free shipping to U.S. street addresses. You can get 1-7 books for $7.50/book (a discount off the cover price of $7.50), 10-24 books for $6/book ($9 off per book), and 30+ books for $5/book ($10 off per book). Why would you order multiple copies? Because you could explain your work, spread the vision of church multiplication, help donors engage in your goals, all while:
– giving copies away as appreciation gifts, or
– selling them to fund your ministry (the Amazon price will remain $15). Read ten chapters of the book for free (to get an idea) here:

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3) Reserve cases of “Stubborn Perseverance” at pre-publication $5/book

stubborn perseverance“Stubborn Perseverance” is the true-to-life story of a church-planting Kingdom movement, written to inspire and equip you, in partnership with others, to pursue God for such a movement in your own context. I (Doug) have seen this book in pre-publication form and it infuses a ton of foundational learning into a real-life chronicle of value to practitioners everywhere. Preview this great CPM training tool for yourself here:

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