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10) How to Coach Financial Support Raisers

Coaching Financial Support Raisers in Ministry is now available on Amazon in paperback print edition as well as eBook. This practical guidebook is a crucial resource that lets anyone learn how to coach, walk alongside, and provide consistent accountability to support raisers as they prepare for ministry. It’s designed for organizations, churches, and individuals. Anyone can impact the nations by being a coach, and now you have the guidebook for it!


4) Upcoming SRS Bootcamps 2019

Are you struggling to raise support? Support-Raising Solutions is here to help! Register today for an upcoming SRS Bootcamp: designed to encourage you spiritually, give you tools to become vision-driven and train you to be a fully funded Great Commission. Learn more at…


Conferences are coming up on these dates in…

August 28 – Charlotte, NC

September 12 – Pittsburgh, PA

October 29 – Fayetteville, AR

November – Location TBA

December – Jacksonville, FL


11) Our Support-raising Coaches Are Golden

We love our org’s support-raising coaches. On a monthly basis, they call and encourage those who are involved in raising support for the field. This article does a great job explaining their roles. They’re awesome.


If members of your org need help garnering partners, Support Raising Solutions can help. Learn more at…


8) Hurry! Time is Running Out on the Early Bird Price

SRS is staging a special Support Raising Leaders Conference on October 15-18 in Scottsdale, AZ. This conference will ignite within you a new hope and encouragement in the area of support raising. Register today if you are an executive, support raising trainer, coach or team leader, this conference is made especially for you! Check it out at…

9) Support Raising Leaders Conference – Full Sail – Feb. 6-9, 2018

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Create a healthy support raising DNA in your organization by discovering powerful building blocks that grow a long-term, robust fundraising vitality among your staff. Full Sail is a one of a kind event being held at the Mission Inn just north of Orlando, FL. You and your team won’t want to miss this! It will put fresh wind in the sails of your directors, support raising trainers and coaches! Learn more at…

Support Raising Solutions Can Help You Achieve 100% of Your Budget!

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The goal at Support Raising Solutions is to flood the nations with spiritually healthy, vision-driven and fully-funded Great Commission workers. Are you struggling with raising support? They use biblical and relational support raising methods to equip you and help you reach your ministry assignment quickly. For more information, visit…

11) Upcoming Support Raising Solutions Bootcamps

Bootcamp-Header_Final-ArtSupport Raising Solutions seeks to equip Great Commission workers to be spiritually healthy, vision-driven, and fully funded. The SRS Bootcamp is a two-day workshop filled with energizing activities, role play appointments, and discussions to help you raise 100 percent! Catch an upcoming Bootcamp…
Feb. 16-17 in Atlanta, GA
March 11-12 in Tucson, AZ
April 9-10 in Rogers, AR
Learn more about SRS at

1) Struggling to raise prayer and financial partners?

KCTTaking too long? Running out of Contacts? Stuck at 50 percent? Home assigned and under supported? Spouse working a job? Tempted to reduce your budget and settle for the minimum? Kingdom Come Training can train and coach you to full funding in a few months rather than a few years. They will equip you to present you ministry in such a way that 75 percent of the people you share with will partner with you with prayer and finances. The training and coaching is done over live,
interactive videoconferencing. No travel expense! Check them out at…

1) Kingdom Come Training: Bringing You To Full Funding Fast

Kingdom Come Training

Kingdom Come Training

Everyone who completes the KCT accelerated partnership ministry program is asked how they would recommend it to others.  Here is the typical response: “Do it! KCT is fun, motivating, energetic and a confidence lifter. This course will change your dread of ‘fundraising’ into an uncontrollable desire to seek out partners.” Several thousand faith ministry workers with over 200 agencies have made the same discovery. KCT is partnership ministry training linked with ongoing coaching and accountability, designed to bring you to 100% funding in four, six, eight or ten months at the most, depending on the intensity of the work you are willing to do. The training and coaching is done over live, interactive videoconferencing which means no travel time or expense. Check them out at:

1) You can achieve full funding in six months

Kingdom Come Training

Kingdom Come Training

Hundreds of faith ministry workers are now building their full financial partnerships in six months or less. KCT trainees, whether new appointees, foreign assigned or home assigned, are now receiving over $30,000,000 in annual ministry partnerships. You can develop the biblical attitudes and relational ministry skills, modeled by Jesus, that take the terror out of partnership ministry and make it a joy-filled experience. Ultimately, you will bless believers with greater vision for fulfilling a primary purpose for redemption: being the expression of Christ to the nations.

The training is done over web-based interactive videoconferencing so you can participate from anywhere in the world over hard-wired internet (WIFI doesn’t work). It goes for one and a half hours a day, four days a week for three weeks. After that you get with a trained personal coach over Skype for weekly coaching and accountability until you are fully funded. It all starts when you write…


or click to…

9) How to Achieve Full Funding Fast —

Do you need to learn how to raise personal support for your ministry?  You can by attending Support ConneXion, a half-day seminar sponsored by Mission ConneXion Northwest on Saturday, Sept. 8, 9:00am-12:00 noon in Beaverton, Oregon.


This seminar will be led by Kingdom Come Training (Jerry and Carol Long and their team) known nationally for their success helping missionaries become fully funded in record time.  They have served over 600 couples and individuals representing 182 mission agencies.  The cost for this event is $79.99.


The even location is at the Luis Palau Association Headquarters, 1500 NW 167th Place, Beaverton, OR 97006

4) Support Raising Solutions Boot Camps —

Personal Support Raising Boot Camp is an intense two-day training seminar to help Christian workers get to their ministry assignment quickly and fully funded. Whether you are just starting out or are a veteran in support raising, God can use a Boot Camp to change your perspective and approach in this critical area. We want to help you avoid the pitfalls and put to rest your doubts, fears, and questions. We have served over 400 ministries, and by God’s grace, we believe we can help you!


Upcoming Events:

September 12-13 — Albany, NY

October 16-17 — Frederick, MD

November 15-16 — Los Angeles, CA

December 4-5 — Harrisburg, PA


Register Here:

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