6) Learn about T4T, the Ying Kai Story, in Book form

t4tCheck out the book, “T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution,” at…


You can watch the explanatory video there to learn more. This book describes one of the most explosive and fruitful Church Planting Movements. During its first decade, starting in 2001, the T4T (Training for Trainers) movement saw more than 1.7 million baptisms and over 130,000 new church starts. T4T integrates evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and leadership development in a seamless process that is proving adaptable to other ministries, infusing them with reproducibility. Born in Asia, T4T is also bearing fruit in the U.S., as practitioners in a number of states report multiplying generations of new believers.

3) T4T… TRT… From C2 shining C…

t4tSound like alphabet soup? Maybe. But check out the great training guide at…


The intro is worth the read (or at least the scan). What the author has done, really, is take the old time-tested George Patterson approach (the guy in Honduras that we’ve mentioned before.. who wrote the 90-some booklets in an approach he called “theological education and evangelism by extension”) and simplified it into 10 lessons. Then he has emphasized the conversion aspect over and above the simple obedience of God’s word. Further, see how he has documented so carefully all of the steps… down to the nature of the Bible study itself. He has basically given us a script, in a way. Then in the body of the document, the main part, he applies it to Chinese. But at that point, the implementer could substitute his own language. The author says he assumes that the implementer has already been studying the target language for 6 months. Then, we trust, starting from that point, the idea is that this TRT material would be the primary language learning material. It’s genius, actually.

Do you have experience using T4T, TRT or C2C? If so, please click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for any testimony you can provide as to how it worked or works in your case.

5) UDisciple iPhone app

Tim, a colleague here at Team Expansion, showed me this past week the little iPhone app that T4T has put together called uDisciple. (It’s at least available for IOS; check your own phone operating system to see if it’s available in your own smartphone’s OS.) It’s pretty cool. About two-thirds of it is dedicated to orality, providing a couple of major sample story sets that one could memorize and retell. But there’s also a section designed for Training 4 Trainers implementers. It essentially provides quick notes to remind trainers about lesson plans for 11 major sessions on everything from baptism to the Great Commission. I love it… and hope we see more of this sort of thing in the future. Learn more about all the other resources offered by T4T here…


(Thanks Tim!)

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