11) “Selection Team Manual” Ready for Your Review

Remember that guy out on the East Coast who creates fantastic resources for missions teams like yours? Well, he’s been at it again. Here’s a 5 meg sample “Selection Team Manual,” saved as a PDF, for your review.

In it, Pastor Allen of Heritage Baptist Church unpacks his strategy and approaches for selecting new missionary candidates. He explains his mission statement, purpose, philosophy, and church strategy for missionary recruitment and preparation. You’re going to want to see this free book. And we’re all going to want to thank him. (Thanks Pastor Allen and HBC.)

5) Your Thoughts on Feb. 2nd “Back Page” on John 17/Unity

TeamworkOn Feb. 2, we wrote about Jesus’ prayer in John 17 that we could all be one. We asked, “How much more good do you feel we could do if we could just learn to do it together?” One Brigada participant (using simply the name, “A friend,”) wrote, “I think this post is an extremely interesting one, especially when it comes to working cross-culturally in missions. In many countries you find an us-them between national believers and expat workers. In other countries you find it between different organizations with different ministry strategies and ultimately, we see it between many differing denominations.

“How do we work in unity, while also blessing people to pursue differing strategies? Can we work in unity without uniformity? (referring to a previous comment by “Neal.”)

“A co-worker recently suggested to me that we don’t have to be doing the same work, implementing the same strategy, etc… but that as we each draw nearer to Christ we will naturally be drawing nearer to each other. What do you think?” We think these are great thoughts. (Thanks for the input, Neal and “A friend.”)

12) New Team Building Kit for Short-term teams and Others

teambuilding-kit-coverThe Team Building Kit is brand new resource that is ideal for short-term mission Team Leaders who want to unify their teams prior to departure. The kit includes 10 time-tested activities complete with instructions. Each activity has been designed to allow for hands-on experience and to help team leaders establish a platform for reflection and change. The Team Building Kit booklet, included with the Kit, provides an overarching objective, recommended group size, preparation steps, activity instructions, as well as a real-life scenario short-term teams will face on field for each activity. While designed for short-term mission teams, each activity can be modified to accommodate your specific need. Learn more at…

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