6) You Might Like ooVoo Better than Skype?

As we’ve mentioned previously, Vsee generally gets great marks for security. But some have trouble working with its one-on-one focus. (It doesn’t really seem to be designed as a bridge for groups, but rather as a one-on-one solution.) By contrast, you might really like You can host up to 12 people at a time on a video conference, all for free. Skype would charge a subscription for such a thing. Which video conferencing software is your own favorite?

9) Cool Tools: The Best Voice-over-Internet Telephony Solution?

The one we all use is, of course.


It’s essentially free, good quality, easy to grasp. You can put money on account then call into the local grid. And they continue to innovate. (Of course, they were purchased not long ago by Microsoft, so who knows where they’ll go in the future.) You can pay a premium fee ($15 per month?) for conference-calling over the Internet (up to 10 or 15 people). But there are other solutions. We have recommended, in the past (essentially a knock-off of Skype)

Haven’t heard much from them lately. There are other such companies. What’s your favorite? MagicJack? Vonage? What was that one that we highlighted in Brigada a while back that MAF recommended? PC-see or something like that? Please use the comment boxes below to tell your own favorite and why.

10) Cool Tools: The Best Solution for RoboCalling

It’s a great concept. You call one number and record a brief prayer request or other comment, then, automatically, the service robo-dials (or texts) dozens or hundreds of others. The one we’ve been recommending is

These services will run you about $20/month for approximately 100 participants. You’ll have something like 45 seconds to briefly give your quick prayer request. But the great part is — you get unlimited calling (and, as a bonus, unlimited emailing) to your group. But there are others. What’s your favorite?

2) Notify A Whole Team Of Usa People Almost Instantly By Phone

Need a way to get your message out to many telephones, but don’t want to use up all your international minutes (“Skype out” or otherwise)? Want to save time making all those calls? Are you thinking email is “sooooo nineties” and telephones are “soooooooo high-touch”? Try OneCallNow at:

There are several plans available. Yes there’s a charge, but that’s how you can be sure that these numbers are not simply being harvested and sold to phone-spammers. (How else would these folks keep their doors open?) I’ve been trying this service with the soccer team I coach after hours and our players and parents are *extremely* pleased with it. Again, we aren’t listing an affiliate code for fear you’ll think we’re just listing it to make a profit. The truth is — we’re recommending it because it works… and it works well, fast.

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