8) Want to Share the Gospel for the Visual Age? Try Lumo Project

Now you can see the Gospels from a whole new light. The Lumo Project is redefining the standard of biblical media, offering a new and visual translation of the four Gospels. This version will truly engage you and yours with scripture and media. LUMO is available on the YouVersion Bible App in the following 23 languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese. In addition, hear it at:


Learn more on YouTube at…


(Thanks for the tip, Ken!)


12) Int’l Student Ministry Needs Bible Translation Recommendations

An international student ministry team uses native language scripture with students interested in Bible study. They wrote this past week saying that they don’t always know the best choice though in some languages represented among the students. I admit — it seems like a very broad question to me, but they asked, “Can you make Bible translation recommendations in languages you have experience with? Important considerations:

1. Easily readable for the student.

2. Theologically sound translation.

3. Availability in both hard copy and a bible app. “

To me, it seems, like I say, impossibly broad – but … if you can answer questions like these, they’d love your input. Just email

ismatpoboxdotcom  (ismatpoboxdotcom)   if you’re willing to pitch in and help.

2) Calling Any French Translators with Audio/Video Skills?

The Zúme Project has hit a wall on its 7th and 8th translations (French and Swahili). They need a team of French translators (minimum 2) as well as a couple of Swahili translators too, both of whom have video and audio skills. This translation team won’t get rich, but rest assured that this is a paid job. Native speakers are preferred. If you are French or native Swahili-speaking and you’d love to be paid for creating a quality translation for a VERY critical disciple-making movement (DMM) course, please contact

languageguyathushmaildotcom  (languageguyathushmaildotcom)  


with your name and location, along with email, a mobile phone number,

and a bit about how you learned about Zúme. In advance, thanks!


3) What About an App for Real-time, Simultaneous Worship Times?

What’s your favorite Android or iOS app for assisting with a foreign language real-time translation, say, when an English-speaking pastor is visiting your church and you need the sermon to be understood by Zarma (Zerma) listeners? …or Somalis? …or you fill in the blank. Are there apps that, for example, allow a listener to use his own earbuds on his smartphone, while logged on to the wi-fi of the event or church? For example, could someone use a service like…


One would simply be broadcasting “live” at the back of the church, right? So people in the audience would log on to that live broadcast and it would be their current church service, except, someone would be contextualizing the message for the hearing crowd — in the language you need. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Are there apps to aid in such a thing?


11) Bible Translation’s Newest Participant: the Church

What would it look like if the church became a participant in the Bible translation process? Maybe a lot like…

This is church-based Bible translation — and it’s changing the face of translation as we know it. These approaches report that they can radically reduce the amount of time involved (length of each translation) while maintaining integrity for the work and the Word. What’s YOUR take on these claims? (Please click “Comment” following the web version of this item to give your own opinion.)

12) SIL’s “Languages of the World” site is a Great Sourcebook

If you haven’t visited SIL’s “Languages of the World” page lately, you might want to stop by.

They not only show an infographic map with points featuring “robust” and “endangered” languages (7,106 languages in the world, they say), but they also list the links to their regional SIL bases. Many (most?) have their own specific site. For example, see SIL Ethiopia at…

2) How Are We Doing on Translation?

bibleI’m asked that question now and then. Many believers today are more excited than ever about progress with Bible translation — and rightfully so. If you haven’t been keeping up on the progress, you really owe it to yourself to get updated. One easy place to go:

There you’ll find all the recent stats, as well as some great visual maps (right column). Download a PDF copy of the page there, when you’re finished, by using the link at the end of the page. (Thanks Pete!)

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