4) Has Anyone Tried this "Air B&B for Cars?" (

Evidently, many Turo owners share their cars because they want help with the payments. They average sharing around 9 days/month – so they can drive it the rest of the month. The whole thing is connected via an app (think Uber). Special insurance covers against theft and physical damage. Travelers then “rent” the car like they might rent an Uber ride, except in this case, they’re driving it! Has anyone in the Brigada family ever tried this deal — driving or car-loaning? It seems promising.


(Good work suggesting this item, Tina!)


4) Finally, a Pretty Decent Travel Checklist

This isn’t just some basic “checklist” you’ll find on Pinterest so you don’t forget your phone charger! This is a comprehensive travel checklist helps you prepare for your trip, stay safe while overseas, and get home safe. At least one Brigada user declared it a super valuable resource! Good Neighbor heard so much good feedback that they decided to make it a “stand-alone” document. Print out or email it to friends.


1) Critical Information for Travelers

morton secureThere is now a free app called Travel Secure by Morton Security Solutions, that gives travelers up to date information on areas of travel, travel alerts and security resources that can be very helpful in avoiding and responding to all types of crises while trekking and working around the world. The app is available on Google Play for Android users and will be available on the Apple Store for iPhones, within the next few weeks. The app pulls feeds from local and global news, government travel alerts and intelligence collected by Morton Security Solutions, providing you with multiple sources of information, critical to operating effectively in a foreign country. Download it here

It’s Free!!

5) Travel Secure App by Morton

morton secure8Now you can download a travel secure app by Morton Security Solutions. Use this app to receive security alerts, research an area and reach out for help from a security professional at MSS. Morton Security Solutions provides crisis management program development, secure travel services, international communications capabilities and training programs. Their services are tailored to your specific organization or church, as well as your strategic goals. They want to enable you to continue to be effective and safe, regardless of where you operate. Find it in the Google Store at…

And look for it on iPhones by searching for “Travel Secure” and the Morton logo.

11) Just When I Thought We Didn’t Need Another Travel Site… —

hipmunkWe’ve profiled Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, Travelocity, Bing,, Priceline, TripAdvisor, BedandBreakfast and before. And just when I think we don’t need another one, I find one. Lately, I’ve been hearing about…

It comes highly recommended, even though I had never heard of it until last week. Have you used them before? Any impressions? Do you have a favorite such aggregator, not mentioned above? If so, please click “Comment,” in the comments under the online (web) version of this item. And thanks for passing along your find.

2) What are Cool Tools for Travelers?

TravelOver the years, certain Brigada “travel-related” items seemed to generate a lot of feedback. Sometimes, the feedback even bordered on excitement. So, over time, we have watched feedback on those items and collected them into a kind of “all-star” cast of items. Today’s edition features an update on some of those all-star “Cool Tools for Christian Travelers and Those who Serve Them.”


6) Cool Tools: The Right Photographer’s Vest

travel vestI admit: I was always just a tad embarrassed to wear a photographer’s vest, even though it was extremely handy, just because it made me look like a gadget freak. With the development of the new slender profile “ScotteVest,” however, most of that image problem has gone away.

The ScotteVest’s pockets are all but invisible — and tech-enabled. It was recommended to me by a great friend and, I’ll have to admit, he was spot-on. They become a walking, incognito extra carry-on. My camera fits in one pocket, my flash or water bottle in another, and I still have PLENTY of space for a lightweight mini-tripod, a small flashlight, hand sanitizer, passport (in a protected, waterproof pocket), hand sanitizer, and virtually everything else you wish you had on the trail or village visit. I suggest you stick to khaki. The black vests seem a bit too paramilitary-looking.

5) A Candle in the Window Giveaway: Summer 2013

A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network is a growing, worldwide, online Christian hospitality network in which members open up their homes to one another for either a meal and/or an overnight stay of 1-2 nights when traveling. Missionaries are invited to join for free. From the outset, it has been the desire of A Candle in the Window to help their international members build travel networks within their own and neighboring countries, as well as to provide host locations when they visit America. Towards that end, A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network offers free charter memberships in different parts of the world from time to time… During the months of June, July and August 2013, they invite Christian brothers and sisters in Europe (Eastern and Western Europe and the UK) to join the network for free! Just log on and join as “charter members”. Feel free to tell others.

9) Godspeed Travel Network

The goal of Godspeed Travel Network is to build a robust network of individuals who either live or travel around the world and are willing to share their experience and knowledge with others. By using this platform, International Outreach personnel can avoid potentially man made or natural disasters, dangerous situations and cultural mistakes that can cause offense. Go to

to learn more or sign up for free. Your input is needed and the organizers believe you could potentially save a life. Take a look at the site first and decide how to handle your own personal profile on the web.

9) Loved my New International Phone Sim Card

Last week while traveling in Europe, I packed an upgraded sim card from Go-Sim…

The “new” capabilities deal with making it easier to deal with the call-back concepts used by Go-Sim and other vendors like them. The assigned number they gave me this time was a British number (rather than the Estonian number that I’ve been using with them for a number of years.) It was, in a word, EASY. The rates were great, coverage was wide (both voice and text), and the customer service (and infrastructure) was excellent. Highly recommended, affordable, and practical in scores of lands. Watch for the term “ekit” — because that’s a sign that they’ve shipped you one of the new sim cards.

3) Here’s a Site that Will Fight for your Right to a Flight

The concept is simple. If, for any number of reasons, your flight with an airline goes south, the forces behind this site…

will fight for the right to get a settlement. They’ll take 25% as their bounty, and give you the rest. You only pay if you win. How ’bout that? Has anyone actually tried these guys? It looks legit’, but I’d love to hear a real case study from our community. (Thanks to Caleb for the tip.)

11) TripIt: Probably Beats out TripCase

Just when I was starting to like TripCase…

A friend introduced me to TripIt.


They’re similar apps. Each has an email interface. Once you register with the site, you forward your air and/or car rental itineraries to the email interface and the app automatically parses out your itineraries and details, creating a virtual trip and timeline for you. Granted, there’s a degree of risk involved, in that you’re giving over private information to the grid. However, in all my searching, I couldn’t find one example of this resulting in any kind of mischief. Instead, every review and every testimony seemed to indicate a huge amount of goodwill generated by these programs. Naturally, they’re trying to gather and market aggregate groups of customers, but again, these are well-researched apps that seem to have earned the trust of the internet community at large. The real pay-off comes in the smart-phone apps that these sites offer as well. Lay out your trip on the web, then you instantly have access to it on your iPhone or Android device. And, if TripCase already weren’t gifted enough, check out TripIt. Once I had my rough itinerary set up, I registered the other travelers in my group by providing their email addresses (ask their permission first, of course). Instantly, in their own accounts at TripIt, they now have access to all the flights, connections, and activities as well. You can even set up “meetings,” appointments, and personal activities. Gone are all the days of trying to manually create flights and appointments in your Calendaring app. TripIt can now do it for you, using WebDav features. It’s a new day, … a game-changer, and for the most part, it’s all free (though there are certain premium features you can purchase — like 99 cents to buy out the ads on your iPhone — permanently).

So what are your thoughts? Are you nervous about the possible privacy intrusion? Have you had good luck with these and other similar apps by Kayak and others? What’s your own favorite? Please use the comment box following the web version of this item at Thanks!

7) A Travel Guide You Create

Now there is a Wiki Tour guide for everybody to build.  Are you going to a new place and want a non-missions perspective on the sites to see and perhaps get an idea of who lives there and what it will be like? Check out Have you been someplace with family or mission that you would like to help others go to or learn about? Wikivoyage is a free web-based travel guide written by volunteer authors. The name is a blend of the words “Wiki” (originally the Hawaiian word for “quick,” but more recently, an Internet-based software system that allows change and extension of the text by any user) and “Voyage,” the French word for travel, journey, or trip. This week is the official launch of the site as its own fork in the WikiMedia family of entry points. See if you can help build it at…

Wikivoyage content is broadly categorised as: destinations, itineraries, phrasebooks, and travel topics. In the old days, Livingstone had to forge a path by himself. Now, we get to follow others and share how to get to the unreached places together. To learn more about the format of the site:

Let’s help each other preach the Good News to the ends of the earth.

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