9) Check out Missio Nexus’s View of Trends In This Free 3-Hour Webinar

Curious about where we are in the status of the Gospel? Wondering where we need to go next? Wondering if we’re taking UPG and UUPG people groups off the maps? Want more innovation in missions? Want to learn more about mission strategies and structures? Would you like to hear about some unique opportunities? Wondering how in the world we’ll raise up the next generation of missionaries? These topics and more are the subject of a free (free to all) webinar being staged by Missio Nexus on March 13th, 9 am Pacific/10 am Mountain / 11 am Central/ 12 pm Eastern time in the USA. Take note: This webinar is open to mission leaders, church mission teams, missionaries, and anyone interested in global missions. There is no exclusivity whatsoever. In fact, you don’t even have to be a member of Missio Nexus to listen in. It’s free. It’s virtual. There are no meals to buy, no airfares to suck up your treasury, and no excuses. Just pure and simple answers. Trends. And more. It all starts here:


(Thanks for drawing our attention to this, Debra!)

14) The BackPage: Top Trends in 2012; Your Forecast for 2013

It’s that time of year again… the time of year when so many of us begin reflecting on the past year and pondering on the year to come. So I’m curious about your take on 2012. What were the top trends you saw. For example, did you see more or less interest in…

*** CHE
*** TESL
*** Rise in interest in Bible Translation?
*** Rise in interest in Orality (and oral Bible translations)
*** Unreached Peoples
*** Church Growth (the science)
*** Church Growth (the practical result)
*** Sending missionaries from your homeland (specify your homeland)
*** Sponsoring nationals from another country (specify which)
*** Denominational mission boards or interdenominational boards
*** Collaboration and partnership
*** Short-term missions
*** Rise of Global South involvement in missions (we used to say “Two-thirds world” and before that, we would say “Developing World”)
*** Urbanization
*** Others?

What trends did you see in which topics? I’ll share some of my own takes in these areas, and if you share yours in the Comments (below the web version of this item), I’ll share your views too. Remember, be careful with sensitive lands and don’t mention people at risk. Thanks in advance for your participation.

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