14) The Last Bit: Brigada Through Email, Facebook, and Twitter

Often times, organizations change their email domain, lock, stock, and barrel. In other instances, we change our personal email because of a vendor switch, or a company overhaul. If this happens, don’t forget to subscribe anew to Brigada by visiting…




Sigh up in the upper right. There is just one (single) required field (your email address), plus optional fields for first and last names. It’s easy — quick like a bunny. And once you’re signed up now, we are passionate to serve you!


Also, would it be Fun to Interact with Brigada on Facebook or Twitter?

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Or, catch us on Twitter at…


You can easily follow Brigada there to be instantly notified the moment a new edition is posted on the web, which sometimes happens 12 hours before the email version hits the wires. By catching the tweet, you can get the jump on Brigada’s email version by 12 hours or more. : )


Thanks for your partnership and God bless you!

14) The Last Bit: Try Following Brigada and/or Doug on Twitter

The whole Twitter
thing pretty much came AFTER Brigada Today was well on its way. So we’ve never
done much with it. But, we’ll try — if you’ll help us. If you’ll follow
@brigadatoday and/or @douglasklucas, we’ll immediately follow you too. What’s
more, we’ll start releasing items via Twitter instead of using the Brigada app.
If that works for you, we’ll [quite literally] save nearly $1000/year
maintaining the app. Deal? : ) OK. Maybe Twitter will beat the app anyway. : )
Let’s at least try it for a year. Maybe we can generate all the more
“community” there.

Thanks. You Brigada Today participant friends are the best!

4) Did We Discount Twitter Too Quickly?

Blue birdLast week, we included an item about 20% of Twitter accounts being inactive (See last week, “10) Fascinated by Twitter? Let’s Not Get TOO Excited”. But one Brigada participants pointed out that the infographic was five years old. Brian added, “It is also worth noting that you should consider the audience you are trying to reach. Twitter gets high usage in some countries. Here in the U.S., Twitter’s own research has concluded that Christian leaders are among the most active users on Twitter. Definitely do more research before discounting Twitter too much.” What else can you tell us about Twitter? Do you use it? … or do you see it as a waste of time? Have you stumbled on any newer stats?

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