14) The BackPage: Showing the Many, but Featuring the One

new wallWe’ve just returned from a major missions conference and it struck me how often my mind turns in favor of “showing the many.” For example, we now have put together 3 different versions of the “Wall of Unreached People.” Each wall is a 50′ or 60′ long “wall” listing all 7000 unreached people groups. Learn more at…


It’s not a fundraiser. We ask each site to pitch in a freewill offering to cover the costs of breakage and growth (creating new banners) and they also need to get the wall to its next destination (usually a shipping cost). But this is in stark contrast to some traveling exhibits which might cost the church or group thousands of dollars in fees.

But at last week’s convention, we also created a new wall featuring one panel per unreached people group or city. So although we continued to “show the many,” with the Wall of Unreached People, we also featured one people group or city at a time at the new 25UPG wall. I’ll have to say, it was a resounding success. One gentleman confessed, “You know, I’ve never been able to focus on the listing of 7000 on your black wall. I have too much ADHD for that. But seeing those huge pictures, one people group at a time — now THAT was sobering for me. And it was impactful.”

What’s your take? Do you find it’s more effective to “show the many,” or “feature the one?” Please click in the comment box that follows this item on the web, and, thanks in advance for sharing your story.

1) Your Invitation to a “Global PrayerCast”

DSCN1102-webresMark your calendar now for a planet-wide event. There’s already a 3-minute “teaser” video (to explain the basic concepts) at…


The Unleashed for the Unreached initiative (the same group that is staging the “Wall of Unreached Peoples” as a traveling exhibit around the country) is coordinating the “live” prayer event in conjunction with other world Christians, no matter where they live on the planet. (Will there be dozens?… or scores? or hundreds?) It’s happening on April 17, 2013, 8:30pm (EDT), 7:30pm (CDT). (That’s 12:30am UCT on Apr. 18th.) Legacy Christian Church (Overland Park, KS, USA) has graciously agreed to stream the event “live” to the entire planet, with live footage from as many as 50 simul-sync’d remote prayer sites throughout the USA and the world. To learn more, watch the 3-minute video and keep watching the U4theU site throughout the coming week for more details and the link for live-streaming. Make it an event for your church or group. You’re invited! Take part in this event so you’ll know how to replicate it for your agency, church, denomination, or movement. (We’re not worried about being copied. We’re PRAYING somebody will!) If all goes well, the PrayerCast concept will be used as an anchor to a global convention at the Kansas City Convention Center in November (the International Conference on Missions). This is like a proof of concept and a “dress rehearsal,” all at the same time. The technology is there. We just need to utilize it to make it happen. “Lord, please make us one so that the world may be won!”

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