10) Number of Muslim children in UK doubles in a decade

The numbers don’t lie. One in 12 school pupils in the UK is now brought up in the Islamic faith. The 2011 Census there suggests that the Muslim population in England has risen by 75%. Some 30% of all Muslims in England and Wales are aged 15 and under. In at least one city, 80% of school pupils were described as being Muslim. London is being described as 34.5% Muslim, with large populations of Sylhetis and Somalis. See the origin of these stats at …


Our suggestion is — greet these stats with hearts that are prepared, open, and ready to share the person of Jesus. One way to learn how — see the next item (Item #11).

20070304 Brigada Today

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  1. GOING ON A MISSION TRIP? NEED INSURANCE? WANT TO HELP BRIGADA? – As was mentioned before, there are a lot of companies that offer international health, evacuation and travel insurance, but now when you purchase insurance from Insurance Services of America on Brigada’s website your purchase will help to support Brigada’s work with the missionary community! Coverage is available for any international need – short-term trips, career missionaries, trip cancellation, short-term teams and term life insurance. For coverage details, rates and the online applications of the Brigada sponsored plans, go to

    Insurance Services of America has agreed to help support Brigada from sales that are made on this link, so when you purchase on this site you will be helping to support Brigada! ISA writes, “[Through Brigada], We all benefit from your business and we thank you!”

  2. UNREACHED PEOPLES QUERYING TOOL — Have you ever wanted to look at unreached people group data using your own criteria? For example, suppose you were interested in “Buddhist people groups in the 10/40 Window that are larger than 1,000,000 in population and unreached?” or “Muslim people groups in South and East Africa with a complete Bible but are unreached” Well now you can. Joshua Project has developed a webpage that allows users to select their own criteria and then finds the list of peoples matching that criteria. See:

    Totals are at the bottom of the listing. To give an idea of some of the kinds of listings you can produce, there are a number of pre-made queries available at:

    Joshua Project welcomes suggestions for improving this tool. It’s dynamite!

  3. OSCAR LAUNCHES NEW BLOGGING FACILITY — OSCAR, the web-based UK Information Service for World Mission, has launched a new section of its website for mission bloggers. The facility pulls together the blogs of a number of people involved in mission around the world and makes them available through one website. As OSCAR generally serves those in mission who are from or to the UK (or pass through the UK), they’re inviting anyone who blogs and fits this criteria to submit their blog to their new facility. It’s an exciting development for OSCAR and they hope that it will provide UK mission supporters and those thinking about working in mission with a day to day insight into the lives of those ‘at the cutting edge’ around the world. This is ‘Reality Internet’ serving the purposes of world mission and helping to build the Kingdom. See OSCAR’s new blogging facility at

    You can also email OSCAR via

    info(at)oscar(dot)org(dot)uk [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  4. MEMBER CARE IN CRISIS SITUATIONS: CSAI TRAINING — Wycliffe Bible Translators International and MCI (Member Care International) will join forces to offer the 2007 Member Care in Crisis Situations Workshop, June 18 – 22, 2007 in Dallas, Texas. The first half of the workshop will deal with a variety of topics, including: What constitutes a “crisis situation?” How can we expect people to respond in times of personal or group crisis? What populations are most vulnerable? How can we respond as an organization? How can we use “Peer Responders” to care for people in crisis? The second half of the workshop will focus on debriefing skills for “peer level” debriefing. Participants should plan to attend the entire workshop, 8:00-5:00 Monday through Friday. A registration fee of $125.00 is due upon registration. Room and board fees for the workshop are $150.00/person, due upon arrival.

    CSAI Certification Training: June 23, 2007, following MCCS workshop: The CernySmith Adjustment Index (CSAI) is designed to evaluate and enhance cross-cultural adjustment for international personnel and their family members. On Saturday, June 23 both Basic and Advanced CSAI certification training will be offered. Fee: $65.00 in conjunction with MCCS, $125.00 if taken on its own. An additional day of housing can be added for $18.00/person.

    For information or reservations contact Wycliffe International Member Care at: member_care_intl(at)Wycliffe(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  5. HELP DAN FIND CAR INSURANCE DURING FURLOUGH — Here’s a Brigada participant, Dan, who asks, “Anyone know any of a short-term car insurance policy that could be purchased for a missionary while on furlough? Those who have lived outside of the US for years have trouble getting car insurance while visiting; either that, or the prices are way out of reach. Is it possible to get a policy that would not apply to a specific vehicle, but whichever vehicle a missionary happens to be driving while on furlough?” If you have an answer to Dan’s questions, log on to this web address:

    Click “edit this page” and write some simple text, just like writing an email. The moment you hit “save”, everybody will be able to see your suggestions.

  6. GET PERSPECTIVES IN 2007! — Is your church interested in embracing God’s missionary heart? Do you need continuing education credit for missionary service? The Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course may be your answer. The Perspectives course covers the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic basis for missions. ICM (International Christian Ministries) offers the course on-line for certificate, undergraduate, or graduate credit. Check out

    for more information and to sign up, or email info(at)icm-intl(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address, please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  7. MUCH OF CALEB PROJECT & ACMC (I360) LIVE ON — I’m sure by now you’ve caught the press releases from Pioneers, which, by faith, has kindly volunteered to welcome many of the former staff of what used to be Caleb Project and/or ACMC. To learn more, read…

    In addition to the many who moved to Pioneers, a few went to Frontiers, a couple to GEM, 4-5 moved to OMF, and others are still seeking God. Please say another prayer for any who might still be struggling. Among the many comments from former Caleb Project staffers came this note: “Doug, thank you so much for your passion for reaching the unreached, for the years of partnership that Brigada and Caleb Project have shared, and for helping the audience that we love and want to serve come to grips with these sad events. God is Sovereign. He wins in the end. His ways are not our ways. He is the healer, provider, and the Rock on which we all stand. He will accomplish his purposes even without Initiative360 still standing. Thanks for all of your continued prayers for the staff across the US and world who are still reeling and finding next steps. Your prayers are a blessing to each one of us!” See the “BackPage” editorial for more on this.

  8. EQUIP YOUR MISSION TO BETTER PROTECT KIDS FROM CHILD ABUSE — In Sept. 2006, leaders from 12 mission organizations met together to candidly examine the issue of child abuse in missions and as a result formed an intermission Child Safety Network. The next Child Safety Meeting is scheduled for May 8-10 in Orlando, Florida and is open to new organizations. The seminar is for leaders of mission agencies and faith- based NGOs and for those with this area of responsibility within their agency. For more information and to register, please go to The Child Safety and Abuse Response Networking Workshop website at:


    Please complete the seminar registation form within the next week. Email further questions to

    childsafetyworkshop(at)ccci(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  9. HELP DESIGN A THEOLOGICAL ENGLISH COURSE — Jandre is a missionary living in Madagascar. She teaches English at a seminary, among other things. She writes, “The students only have two hours per week for English. As you can think, this is not nearly enough! And therefore I am looking for ways to maximise this time!” She wrote, looking for someone, “a clever person, who can help design a Theological English course!” If you’d like to brainstorm with her about this, just click to:

    Suggest existing courses, recommend outlines and “gotta’ have it” ideas. When you click edit, then give input, then “save”, others will see your suggestions immediately. Thank you!!!

  10. THE PERFECT MISSION FIELD? — If one were going to design the perfect mission field, here is what it might look like, according to one Brigada participant:

    (Thanks Tony!)

  11. ESL CERTIFIED TEACHER NEEDED — Immediately… for Aizwal, Mizoram India. This is a government-funded program that runs until mid-December and is renewable. Housing, in-country travel, and a $300 per month salary are provided. The ESL students are college level. A single male or a married couple is preferred. The ideal target entry date would be mid-April with mid-May being the absolute final deadline. For more details please email: rb735731167(at)cablespeed(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] You may also call toll-free (888) 248-5902 for U.S. subscribers or use (517) 347-7121 if you are outside the U.S.

  12. WE OWE THANKS TO… — Insurance Services of America (ISA) for a $17.30 gift that resulted from a person buying a travelers’ insurance policy. Hey… let’s just talk turkey here: if every Brigada Today participant merely bought travel interruption insurance from ISA, the truth is, just that alone would probably take care of the small amount of funds we need to break even. Learn more about ISA’s plans at:

    Thanks, too, to Clowns4Him

    for recently sharing $100, with this comment: “We appreciate Brigada and the diversity of information that is delivered online to us.” God be praisedc.

    Join others in spurring Brigada on to good works? Just click on “Sponsor/Donate” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. And thank you in advance for helping.

  13. THE BACKPAGE: MORE “LESSONS LEARNED” FROM “I360” — As glad as I am for the partial solution above (Thanks again Pioneers), I still hurt for the collapse of the original dream for merging two really great organizations (Caleb Project & ACMC), each with a 25-year+ legacy. In recent exchanges with one of the first staff “recruits” of what used to be Caleb Project, she shared, “We so appreciate your care for us as people who are seeking to follow God with our whole hearts (we want to be like our buddy, Caleb) amidst this unbelievable situation. Please keep praying for those of us who are struggling through the days of grief, anger, unbearable sadness and loss. … Thanks, Doug, for your concern. It means more than you can know.” She had a great attitude about the whole thing. But I’m afraid everybody else is just going to ignore “the elephant in the middle of the room”… so I’m going to stick my foot in my mouth one last time on this situation, from what I’ve been able to absorb. Keep in mind… my purpose isn’t to judge the past, but to try to learn from the past so we can look toward the future. With that in mind, here are some final “lessons learned” from the Initiative 360 closure:

    *** Lesson #1: “Don’t shoot the messenger” — It is my understanding that the board abruptly released the CEO of Initiative 360 because finances had taken a tragic, though gradual, dive. My humble suggestion to all board members everywhere is this: Yes, call your organization’s CEO into accountability. But communicate to him clearly what you expect and call upon him/her to dream up options when the organization is going through stress. Make sure he has a clear benchmark as to what is the threshold with which you’re comfortable. (Tell him or her clearly what you want; then expect him or her to deliver.) And please… give him/her some time to try to deliver what is requested.

    *** Lesson #2: “Before pulling the trigger, know your target” — I’ve been told that the decision to dissolve Initiative 360 was suggested, approved, and implemented all within about 60 days. May I humbly suggest that it is a sobering move to bury an organization with a 25-year history. Could I ask that if you’re ever tempted to do that, would you please write some key leaders; maybe do a couple of last-ditch fund- raiser campaign letters? Maybe put out some press releases about the financial crisis… or at least ask staff people for input… you know… focus group style?

    *** Lesson #3: “Seek board longevity” — It is my understanding that the Initiative 360 board consisted of several new members and that those members were fairly outspoken about the need to dissolve. Either way, whether that is true or not, it just seems advisable to seek to recruit at least a *few* board members who will stay the course. By some miracle, some of our board members for Team Expansion (the organization I lead) have stayed with us for literally more than 20 years *plus*. They have such an investment in the organization, it is unthinkable to me that they would so quickly kill it. So, again, with deep humility, I would suggest that we seek some longevity… some sober ownership of the organization’s ethos and mandate.

    I wonder if we could spin the clock back 5 months, then put those 3 lessons in place, maybe we’d be looking at a new chance for a couple of organizations with very rich histories. It’s worth pondering.


20050410 Brigada Today

In this issue…


1. SEMINARS IN MUSLIM STUDIES! — In 2005, students from all over the world will gather to learn from qualified, experienced and passionate professors, as they develop and sharpen their skills in Muslim ministry. The Zwemer Center is offering four Muslim Studies seminars during the month of July at Columbia International University in Columbia, SC. Seminars may also be taken for credit.

Summer Studies 2005: July 4-8 Introduction to Islam (CIU faculty) July 11-15 Folk Islam (Dr. Dave Cashin) July 18-22 Approaches to Islam (Dr. Phil Parshall) July 25-29 Revelation, Qur’an and Muslim Tradition (Dr. Steven Masood)

For more information: US callers can dial toll free 800-777-2227 x3327; others may call 803-754-4100 x3327. Or check out: Email: muslimstudies(at)ciu(dot)edu [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
2. DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE 2005: CD RESOURCE AVAILABLE — About 100 participants from 31 countries gathered with twelve international speakers from March 11 – 14 at Mosbach (Germany) to learn about participation, holistic ministry and phasing out – all at the Christian Community Development Conference 2005. The Academy of World Mission (Korntal/Germany) published towards the end of the conference a CD of the event in English containing all speeches (MP3, including powerpoint files) and lots of additional material towards the topics. The table of content is available from johann(at)aem(dot)de including 2.218 into the subject line. The CD costs $20 including international postage. Order the CD at International Christian Books writing to icb(at)aem(dot)de [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
3. NEW BOOK PRICE COMPARISON OFFERS CART COMPARISON SERVICE — A free new book price comparison site There it offers a new innovative service of finding the best price on a purchase of several books together.

Since people usually buy several books together to save on the shipping price and to minimize the number of online transactions, and since each store has unique prices for each book, this new service can save more money than a traditional single-book price comparison. allows people to search for books, add them to a virtual cart and finally find the best overall price for the total contents of the cart searching the best book prices in over 30 online stores. The store which offers the best overall deal on the cart (including shipping costs) is located and a direct link to the winning store is provided.
4. MUSIC AND ARTISTIC EXPRESSION TO EVANGELIZE? — Here’s an invitation to apply to join some exciting tours this summer to Italy, Turkey, Croatia and Macedonia! Organizers are seeking talented and gifted musicians as well as roadies and sound and video tech crews to be a part of our tour. They use a variety of music to gain the ear of those who need Christ . They always are eager to have anyone who can serve and be a witness. Log on at… . Visit their web site . An application is downloadable for you.
5. 60 TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE CHURCH SITES — The folks at Internet Evangelism Day have produced a new guide on how to make church websites that are actually evangelistic and reach into the community. You can even insert it into your own site, by copy/pasting some easy code onto a page.
6. FIND INSURANCE COVERAGE — Looking still for dental, vision, prescriptions, and chiropractic care? The benefits for this plan range from 25% to 80% discounts. Just click on the URL below: Again, it’s a discount card for dental, vision, prescriptions and chiropractic care.
7. INTERNET EVANGELISM WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE ONLINE — It is possible to register for Virtual status which allows six months of viewing of all the 20 unique workshops presented at the Internet Evangelism for the 21st Century conference. The cost is only $20 which gives an individual repeated access to the video workshops for six months. Watch well known speakers like David Bruce, Allan Beeber, Sterling Huston and others talk about videoblogging, podcasting, follow-up and global internet missions. Each workshop is available in two resolutions for either broadband or dial-up access. Register today at
8. SO. CALIFORNIA MISSIONSFEST — Here’s an exciting, free family missions conference at the Ontario Convention Center, April 29th to May 1st. No registration required. Featuring free children’s programs (ages 3 to 11), a Saturday Youth Rally, and world-class adult speakers. Visit 87 Missions Exhibits and choose from 60 Seminars. A special Friday luncheon is being held for Pastors, Church and Mission Leaders to hear Pastor Ed Smith, Board member of the Evangelical Christian Credit Union. Pre-purchased tickets are required for this luncheon and the Saturday Youth Rally (call 909-394-1263). Volunteers are needed for set up, hosting, ushering and supervising children. If you want to be a part of the worldwide missions movement, plan now to attend MissionsFest weekend, April 29th to May 1st. Why not volunteer an hour or two while you’re there? Visit or e-mail infoatmfestsocaldotorg for further details. Remember, April 29 to May 1 at the Ontario Convention Center. Call (909) 394-1263 for more details.
9. OMF BAY AREA CONFERENCE — It’s not too late to plan on attending “Serving Christ in the Chinese Century”, April 29-30, 2005 (Friday evening and all day Saturday) at Peninsula Covenant Church (3560 Farm Hill Blvd., Redwood City, CA 94061). Hear James Taylor IV, OMF International and Dr. Matthew Koh, President, MSI, and take in plenary sessions, workshops, Win Our World children’s mission program, prayer and fellowship time with visiting missionaries. There are even four workshops in Mandarin and English: Befriending Your Mainland Chinese Neighbors – Dr. Doug Vavrosky (Friday – ! 8:30pm), Hong Kong and Macau – James Taylor IV (Saturday – 10:45am), Taiwan Tensions – Paul and Dr. Mary Jeanne Buttrey (Saturday – 1:30pm), Medical Services International – Dr. Matthew Koh (Saturday – 3:00pm). To learn more, visit: or email Julie omfconference(at)yahoo(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] or call +1-925-459-0734.
10. MISSIONS MOBILIZATION TRAINING –- Accelerating International Mission Strategies (AIMS) is presenting, “Multiplying Missions through the Local Church,” June 20-24 at Regent University in Virginia Beach. Join dozens of pastors, missionaries, church leaders and students to learn about AIMS training materials and how to network with believers from the United States and other countries to fulfill the Great Commission. All participants will have the opportunity to be certified as an associate and use AIMS materials to mobilize churches in the United States and on the mission field. Registration is $159 before June 1st and $199 after June 1st. Special pricing is available for returning associates and for groups over three. For more information, call the AIMS home office at (757) 226-5850 or email aims(at)aims-usa(dot)org or log on at
11. OPORTUNIDADES — Misión Integral Mediterranea (MIM) busca odontologos, higienistas y asistentes dentales – cristianos de lengua española o inglés para trabajar en ciudades pequeñas y aldeas del nórte de áfrica con tribus en last montañas. El frances y el árabe son utiles, pero no indispensibles. Escriba: MIMUSA[arroba]telefonica[punto]net
12. HOSPITALITY BOOK AVAILABLE: “CUP OF COLD WATER” — It’s now available! A practical book on Hospitality written for YWAM and the church. $19.95 plus shipping. Contact Debbie Rottier at cupofcoldwater(at)ywammt(dot)org or at 501 Blacktail Rd, Lakeside, MT,USA 59922. To view some pages go to
13. UK WORKERS GET FREE FAX — Of special interest to missionaries from the UK, offers free calls when you sign up with EUR5 credit. It also gives a UK telephone number so that people can call you at your PC while you are online. (Similar to Vonage, etc but with no ongoing costs and a UK phone number.) It’s also useful for those who come from USA and some other countries (see web site) as it offers free calls to there, as well as Germany.
14. GET MISSIONS TRAINING ONLINE — Toccoa Falls College is launching TFC Online later this summer. The college has been training missionaries and Christian workers since 1907. This August, TFC Online will start to offer a program called College Level Instruction with Maximum Bible (CLIMB). This program will provide 30 hours of Bible training in a one-year time frame. If you are interested in learning more, call toll free in US – 888.785.5624 or 706.282.6012 or log on at: Courses start August 8, 2005.
15. TEACH (ENGLISH) TO REACH (THE NATIONS) — “Teach to Reach” Nations are crying out for English teachers. You can reach them with the gospel as you teach English. Now you can take TESOL training May 9 through June 3 and June 13 through July 8 at YWAM Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA. Additional information and application forms can be found at or email questions ywampa(at)comcast(dot)net [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
16. THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS! — Thanks to those who have pitched in recently to help sponsor Brigada’s webspace, some secretarial help, and a small amount of advertising. $25 from a family in Colorado, $36.13 from those using “Blessed Hope” long distance (Thanks for talking! :-) ), $5 from an anonymous worker in Europe, and $30 from Audio Scriptures International ( ). We appreciate you all!!! If you’d like to help Brigada, just log on at then click “sponsor” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or just send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. Thanks! As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous.
17. THE BACK PAGE: WHAT DRIVES YOU? — Did you ever ask yourself the question, “What drives me to get up on time and show up for work?” Maslow argued that it was self-actualization and the motivation for leadership. But stop and think… how in the world would that motivate someone to leave the home and family he or she loves, to go far, far away to meet people that sometimes could care less he or she is there? I’m thinking Maslow was out to lunch on our missionary-types. I’m thinking our missionary types are committed to something that goes beyond personal stuff, beyond “finding oneself”.

So what *does* drive you to get up? In many cases, I’m thinking it’s the same thing that drove the Apostle Paul:

“For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again. So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting men’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.” (II Cor. 5:14-20)

With this kind of motivation, you see, the actualized self falls into alignment with the actualized *Lord*, who suddenly becomes more supreme than anything else in the universe.

Sure we care about being fulfilled. But my point is that, at the end of the day, it’s not really all about us. It’s about Him. And that’s why you bought airfare to parts unknown.

But … please do be careful. Motivation or not, it’s still a jungle out there. :-)


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