12) Are the Unreached "Waiting to Hear?

According to your experience, are unreached peoples “waiting to hear?” This topic came up in a comment on this video…




A Brigada participant commented, “Statistics are good. However, the phrase ‘Waiting to hear’ is repeated several times and this is misleading. Sadly many workers return home in the first couple of years of service, and I have heard them say, ‘I thought people were waiting to hear but they are not.’ It would be good to couple this video with another one on resistant people and do some statistics there. India and Muslim majority countries have a lot of very resistant people groups in them. We need to go, but the challenge and risks are greater.” What’s your take on “truth in advertising” in recruitment videos and testimonies? Do we “sell” the need to such an extent that the “go-ers” begin to imagine that all the unreached are super-receptive, “if only they heard?” Click comment and share your own take on this please. Also, when you respond, please share what, for you, is a more fair way of sharing needs and statistics?

11) Please pause and Give Thanks for Progress among the Qashqa’i !

kashkaiA donor from this past week asked if we could pause and pray for progress among sharing the Good News with nomads of Iran and specifically the Qashqa’i. There have been amazing reports of God moving among them this year. But if you would, please also pray for continued growth and outreach — and while you’re at it, please give thanks for a donor who cares about an unreached people group enough to give to Brigada on their behalf. Talk about encouragement! May they be fully reached some day soon!


12) Have you Seen the Wall of Unreached Peoples?

_DSC0924_1The Wall of Unreached Peoples is a traveling exhibit designed to help you visualize (and cast a vision for) the task remaining. With this 50-foot long ‘wall of unreached people’ (think something like the Vietnam Memorial, only about unreached peoples), your church, group, or campus ministry will be impacted more than ever before by the fields that need harvesters. Learn more, see the schedule, and book the Wall at:


or U4theU.com. Click on “the Wall” in the top-line menu.
Note that there is no “rent” per se, but the U4theU network does request a freewill offering to help with repairs and to sponsor the cost of getting the Wall into a few major conventions. You don’t have to ship the Wall back to its home base. Instead, you ship it directly to its next destination (church or group), point to point.

7) Go to the Unreached of North Africa

93% of the four northernmost African nations are unreached. Want to go offer help and hope for the future? Prepare to go long-term in as little as one year. Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Orlando’s School of Mission


offered in April and September. Get good cross-cultural mission training. The next one starts September 25. They offer field internships in North Africa. Contact
or call (407) 273-1667 for more information.

4) Finishing the Task is Closer to Finishing

PPLGroupI enjoyed attending the Finishing the Task conference in California in December. It’s always fun to hear the cheers from excited well-wishers when newly-reached (previously unengaged) groups are announced. If you’d like to see the best reporting available on this, see the list at…


This list brings together data from Joshua Project, Southern Baptist IMB Research, and several other sources.

12) Two-year Practical Missions Training Programme – Alpha Mission Teams

Muslim-Women-PrayingIs it, like for the apostle Paul, “your ambition to preach the gospel where Christ is not known?” (Rom 15:20) If so, this could be just the opportunity for you. World Outreach International is sending out “Alpha Mission Teams” to unreached people groups. AMT is a practical two-year missionary training programme for both single people and families. During this time you not only learn, but you actually do the work – adapt to a new culture, learn the language, reach out to lost people.
Find out more about this at


You can also write to
hendrikdotvatworld-outreachdotcom . He will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

3) Indigitous Bangalore Conference To Focus On The Unreached

bangalore-indigitous-skylineIndigitous is coming to Bangalore February 13-15, 2015. Indigitous is a movement passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies. Their conferences offer the opportunity to learn new digital strategies, network with others who can partner with you to achieve your goals, and collaborate to create new tools and projects that will increase the effectiveness of your ministry.
The conference’s theme will be Reaching the Unreached Using Mobile Technologies. To register and get more information, visit:


8) 5fish will give you tools and Resources: For free!

5fishThis past week, the developers of 5fish introduced me to some of their latest improvements at the site. If you haven’t been there in a while, it’s worth going back.


The page is a great testimony to what one gets when one crosses high-tech types with caring, hopeful, and courageous global witnesses. In the opinion of this writer, note that on some of these websites, the template of yesterday’s website no longer satisfies a culture who used to read the newspaper on the back port porch>.

14) The BackPage: Showing the Many, but Featuring the One

new wallWe’ve just returned from a major missions conference and it struck me how often my mind turns in favor of “showing the many.” For example, we now have put together 3 different versions of the “Wall of Unreached People.” Each wall is a 50′ or 60′ long “wall” listing all 7000 unreached people groups. Learn more at…


It’s not a fundraiser. We ask each site to pitch in a freewill offering to cover the costs of breakage and growth (creating new banners) and they also need to get the wall to its next destination (usually a shipping cost). But this is in stark contrast to some traveling exhibits which might cost the church or group thousands of dollars in fees.

But at last week’s convention, we also created a new wall featuring one panel per unreached people group or city. So although we continued to “show the many,” with the Wall of Unreached People, we also featured one people group or city at a time at the new 25UPG wall. I’ll have to say, it was a resounding success. One gentleman confessed, “You know, I’ve never been able to focus on the listing of 7000 on your black wall. I have too much ADHD for that. But seeing those huge pictures, one people group at a time — now THAT was sobering for me. And it was impactful.”

What’s your take? Do you find it’s more effective to “show the many,” or “feature the one?” Please click in the comment box that follows this item on the web, and, thanks in advance for sharing your story.

4) Get the Latest Stats on Unreached Peoples

joshuaprojectHave you been asked to speak about unreached peoples? Someone wants to know about the ‘task remaining?’ Get all the latest facts and figures at…


There you’ll find the total number of people groups across all countries, and the same total if people groups are counted separately when they occur in more than one country. Get the current world population, total number of UNreached peoples, the percentage of the world unreached, and a lot more. Thanks Joshua Project!

4) Check Out This Cool Map of All the People Groups in the World

Joshua Project MapThe elves at Joshua Project have been working overtime. Check it out…


You can use the drop-down box at the top to zoom in on a particular country, or just explore the world. If you zoom in on a country, click the “country profile” link at the top and see specific intro about that nation. And click on a particular dot to zoom in on info about that people group. The yellow groups are formative/nominal Christian groups. Green groups have established or significant church movements. But 42% of the dots are unreached. Gulp. The task remaining is significant. Three billion people. Yikes.

3) Free Booklet Detailing Islamic View of God

200424423-001Thanks to Ted for sharing his booklet about Allah, detailing some of the differences between a typical Muslim’s view of God and that of a typical follower of Jesus. For example, the booklet holds that, to most Muslims, “Allah lacks love. In the Bible love is not an attribute, it is the very nature of God. … For Islam, Allah is too rich, too proud, too independent to need or desire love from humans. Except where it competes with Christianity, Islam is a religion without song. No verses teach love of enemies.” Download the entire free pamphlet at…


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