9) How Does John Piper Do It? —

How does he constantly ring the bell for life-changing messages? Check out this video, …

It was produced by a December college conference (probably connected to Campus Crusade or “Cru”) … but it’s vintage John Piper. How does he do it?

1) Mobilization Video about Unengaged Muslim Groups

Islam VideoI guess I’ve been asleep. I hadn’t presented, or even SEEN, the video at…

about unengaged Muslim Groups. It would be a great session-starter or “countdown” video before a special focus on Muslim peoples. Of course, who will be remaking these as we send new teams of witnesses to these people groups? :-) I ask because I’m assisting with one new team who has already been working in one of these [now previously-] unengaged groups for nearly two years. I guess Finishing the Task is helping with that question. Anyone else tracking this data?

8) Free Sample Downloads and Clips from VideoBlocks

Wow. Our I.T. person at Team Expansion (Greg) shared a URL with me this past week that he had seen via one of the lists he monitors. On the surface, it looks like one could download free for 7 days from the 100,000 motion picture backgrounds at See this website to learn more…

They have motion backgrounds, countdowns, production music, and much more! Looks like you get 20 clips/day, absolutely free! (Thanks Greg!)

5) Trouble Viewing Last Week’s Edition?

At least one reader had trouble, apparently, understanding last week’s Special Missions Music Video Edition. If the little video snippets didn’t show up in your email version, the idea was to navigate to…

to actually VIEW the videos. So if you were frustrated, sorry if we didn’t make it plain enough. You had to click on the LINK in the Brigdaa Today, or alternately, just read the edition on the web. But those videos really did exist.

11)Seen any Icebreaker Videos that could be Saved on SD Cards?

Recently, we ran an article on developing Mobile Ministry Made Easy. Global Recordings Network is trying to expand their mobile ministry to reach the majority of people who only have access to the internet via their smart phones, iPhones or tablets. They’re searching for any web sites that provide 3-5 minute video or audio/visual clips that can be saved on a micro-SD card and inserted into a smart phone or tablet to engage people? The topics can be for initiating a conversation about religion, evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and “doing church.” From an icebreaker to a discipleship tool, mobiles are common and flexible enough to support a number of ministry approaches.

You can look at

for the GRN mobile website.

2) New Curriculum: “Abraham, Following God’s Promise”

Logos Bible Software is said, by many, to be the best Bible software in the world. (See their world-class offerings at… )

But did you know they also offered all-church curriculum — like, “Abraham, Following God’s Promise?” It’s complete with infographics, maps, artifact images, thought-provoking questions, “writable” answer boxes, Bible study tips, an annotated reading list, and printable handouts. The complete church curriculum version for leaders, missionaries and pastors even includes videos, small group lesson plans, sermon outlines, and teaching slideshows. This could make a GREAT sermon series leading into a Perspectives or Kairos course to understand Abraham’s faith, vision, and followership of the Lord. Just click to…

Then search for “Abraham, Following God’s Promise” and, if you want the sermon outlines, videos and slideshows, make sure you choose the “all-church curriculum” version for $99 or $21.66/month.


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