5) RightNow Ministries Fills Crucial Gap for Tomorrow

rightnowWow. Hats off to the leaders at

who are putting together a great site, along with a great set of resources, for all of us. They talk about a “Trader” from a biblical standpoint. ” A Trader is a new kind of missionary, not defined by geography, but defined by a resolve to do four things: choose daily, hate injustice, work as worship, and act swiftly.”

Regardless of whether you’re looking for media, teaching videos, conferences, or workshops, RightNow has something for everyone. Learn about their mission and purposes at…

3) Grace’s Story will Inspire and Challenge

Today over 1 billion people live on the edge of survival with poor sanitation, no healthcare and little chance of education. There are many causes for poverty but the single greatest obstacle to overcoming this crippling poverty is corruption. Hear Grace’s story:

Christians around the world are coming together on this issue as part of the EXPOSED Campaign to shine a light on the scourge of corruption. The campaign wants raise a united voice to the world’s most powerful leaders, the G20 when they meet in Brisbane in November this year, and call on them to protect the poorest in our world. Governments are already considering anti-corruption measures, and we can encourage them further. Organizers are asking you to join your light and stand with thousands of others around the world by signing a petition and praying.

3) Disciple Making (Church Planting) Movement Videos

Act Beyond (formerly called Mission to Unreached Peoples) has a new set of videos about launching Church Planting (Disciple Making) Movements. See this 5+ minute video explaining why it is crucial to start movements

act beyond v.2 1280×720 1280×720 from Act Beyond on Vimeo.

The longer 7+ minute video can be found on their new website,

and deals with some of the common questions about starting movements.

4) New Mobilization Video: Pray for the Tribal (Ethno-Religious) World

Are you seeking to raise interest in a tribal area? Trying to give your college class or church a taste of animistic life? Headed there yourself? Then check out the under-two-minute video…

Pray for the Ethno-Religious World_1080p from Team Expansion on Vimeo.

(Thanks to Team Expansion’s Church Relations Specialist for developing this and the other four videos in the series. Thanks for your willingness to share them with us for free.)

9) Free Geography Videos from How Stuff Works

Missionaries and international travelers seem always to be interested in geography, almost by definition. “How Stuff Works” has some GREAT geography videos, all free, at…

For example, headed to China? Need some background on the Great Wall? You’ll want to watch…

In 2 1/2 minutes, you’ll pick up a great, yet succinct background on one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Find thousands of other, equally interesting videos about the world in which we live — and enjoy!

12) Two-minute Mobilization Video: “Pray for the Ethno-religious World”

This video is perfect for use during your next “Missions Minute” on Sunday morning. It will work in your Perspectives class or Kairos session. In under two minutes, it helps your audience grasp the complexity and the challenge of bringing about life transformations among unreached animists and other ethno-religionist people groups that have never before heard the Good News. Find it, for free, at…

Pray for the Ethno-Religious World_1080p from Team Expansion on Vimeo.

(Thanks for making this video available to Brigada, Tina!)

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