2) Need to video-link with your Favorite Missionary Mobile? —

Now you can. As long as you’ve got Android or iPhone, that is. And Tango.

This came from active Brigada participant, Caleb. They’ve apparently found a way to squeeze a Skype-like video call into an iPhone or Android smartphone. Alas, I’ll never know (I’m on Windows Mobile). The launch was evidently so successful, within one single *hour* it became the largest social-networking craze on the entire Internet, beating out both Twitter, Skype, and Facebook — of all things. (I guess Facebook has now fought its way back into the number one spot… *barely*.) So if you’re blessed with the right phone, give it a shot. The price is right. (Free)

To comment or inquire about this item, click to…

2) Show Journey to Everest Free at Your Church

Remember that cool missions video documentary on steroids about the short-term missions trip to climb Everest?

Well now they’ve set up a deal by which you can get the movie for free if you show it to your church or group on July 11. You can also use it as a fundraiser for your own short-term missions trip (regardless of whether or not you’re climbing a mountain :-) ). They even let you preview the entire movie online. Learn more at their website.

Be sure to watch the special online video there explaining the plan.

4) Links to Great Jesus Videos

We evidently weren’t the only one trying to figure out how to save YouTube videos for offline use. An anonymous user wrote this past week, thanking us, and also pointing us to four great Jesus videos worthy of downloading offline:

(Revelation Song – Kari Jobe)

(Revelation Song – Phillips,Craig,&Dean)

(That’s My King – Dr. S.M. Lockridge)

(That’s My King – Rock Mix)

He wrote, “The DVDVideoSoft program for downloading YouTube to my XP laptop worked great, and I’ve now got the 3 videos above on my computer after only a few minutes.” God be praised, brother! Glad we could share a lesson learned from our own quest!

3) How to Convert a YouTube Video to an Offline Format

Did you ever face that dilemma? You wanted to show a video to an upcoming Perspectives class or to a Sunday School class… but you just weren’t sure you’d have access to the Internet in that environment. So ideally, you’d like to “harvest” the video off YouTube to some format that would play on your laptop solo — sort of like a DVD does, but from your hard drive instead. But you go to the YouTube page and… there really doesn’t appear to be any capability for that.

Well I faced that this past week with several YouTube videos I wanted to use when teaching Perspectives. I asked our I.T. guy for his favorite tool, because — honestly — every time I figure this out, it’s 6 months before I have to use it again and I forget! :-) He suggested a download service from It didn’t work correctly on my browser/PC, for whatever reason. (He’s a Mac guy, so that might have been it.) But their free iPod converter seemed to do the trick flawlessly. (Play with the settings until it works for you.)

This URL will “wrap”.. so if you have trouble reassembling it, just go to the Brigada webpage and click on the link we’ll provide you there. Snag that free program, convert the YouTube video to an iPod-compatible video, make sure you have QuickTime from Apple (I know; it was with great fear and trembling that I installed it again. Just make sure you uncheck the boxes that add free things that you don’t want), and you’re in business. The videos played at a fairly high level resolution *and* I didn’t have to worry about bandwidth stall-outs or connectivity in general. Good luck!

1) Can’t put This Trip Report Video Trailer into Words

How many of us have made videos from our mission trips? (Hands raise all over the room.) How many of us, while on a mission trip, have been bumped from a flight? (Almost as many hands go up.) How many of us have witnessed those flights (that bumped us) going down and killing every passenger on board, sobering us with the realization that we were scheduled to have been on that flight? (The room is motionless… except for the makers of this video.)

Journey to Everest is the video of that group’s experience in the Himilayas. They are a group from Nashville that recently completed an expedition to Everest Base Camp. They became participants in a story that made world-wide news when the plane that was scheduled to fly them into the Himalayas crashed on its way into the mountains, killing the 18 passengers on board. Their team was bumped from Yeti Airlines flight 103 just before it took off, sparing our lives.

Eventually, they made it into the Himalayan mountains and experienced an adventure that changed their lives and challenged their faith. Ultimately, they were exposed to mission work in Nepal that compelled them into action once they returned home. They documented their story in this film. It tells their story as it unfolded, from the plane crash, the expedition to Everest, and the mission work of which they were a part. Since completing the film, they have used it as a tool to spread the Gospel. To date, they have raised over $60,000 for mission work. They have also used the film to raise support for over 300 Nepali refugees that were brought to our city by the United Nations.

View the trailer at…

See the film’s website at…

Buy a copy for $19.95 at…

The trailer is spectacular. This is the way mission films should be. This is the way I want to shoot movies when I grow up. :-)

6) Catch this Video on the “10 C’s of a Biblical Worldview”

[Note: We originally included this item without having previewed this free video (using our policy, “We can’t screen ’em all,” as is stated in “Closing Stuff” of each Brigada mailing). However, please remember that the content in this video is that of the producer, not of Brigada — and we’re not asserting that we believe it is necessarily the Biblical worldview. We are leaving it posted here for legacy’s sake — and in case you’d like to comment. The Editor.]

Faithe is offering this video for you!

Thanks Faithe!

4) New Video Resources for Home Gatherings, etc., all Online

createinternationalCheck out Create International’s cool new DVD resources at their online store:

They have finished the first ever Contextual Home Gathering video for people from a Thai Buddhist background. Indigenous instruments, dance, symbols and appropriate word choices all came together for a lively presentation that will reach millions of Thais. Other new resources include “Contextualization in Action” and “Contextual Gathering Showreel”, which shows six examples of home group gatherings among Hindi, Kurds, Turks, Indonesian, Urdu, and now Thais. Subtitled in English, this is a great tool for showing believers who may worship in different cultural styles, but who are all united in their love for God.

4) Start streaming your Service or Project to the Web/World

livesteamAll you need to know is…

They’ll take care of everything else. OK — you have to get a webcam working with your laptop. But beyond that, the rest is easy. Think about it: Your next class, church service, organization-wide meeting, training session, etc., streamed live to the web for your entire organization/church/set of supporters to enjoy. Best of all, it’s totally free.

5) Are Orgs & Churches Behind in Using Webcams?

tokbox_logoA missionary colleague of mine was recently lamenting that churches and missionary agencies seem to be lagging behind in their use of video links with their missionaries. Do you agree or disagree? He pointed to easy-to-use tools, some of which have been referenced previously here in Brigada. Of course, the most well-known tool is Skype. However, as my friend pointed out, Skype requires a download. There are other sites like

which do not. Tokbox is free, like Skype, but doesn’t offer a connection to the public telephone grid (“Skype out”). At the same time, Tokbox remarkably allows you to add as many video conference connections as your internet bandwidth will allow, all completely free. And for what it’s worth, it embeds in Facebook and — Twitter. (Call me old-fashioned, but I still can’t bring myself to try Twitter. I keep wondering why anyone would ever care?)

As in all web tools, please remember to exercise caution regarding security. TokBox apparently has *no* security features whatsoever. Let the user beware. For users that can’t or won’t use a VPN, maybe Skype is a better option?

How ’bout you? Do you think we’re behind on this stuff? Any comments on TokBox’s lack of security or privacy? To comment, just click “Comment” below…

2) This Missions Video Made a Big Impact this Morning

This morning I spoke in a church in northeastern Ohio. I used the missions video, “A Thousand Questions.” Whoa. Itathousandquestions had a huge impact on this church of 220. After the video, you could have heard a pin drop… except for some lingering tears people were choking back… Someone was sobbing over at the side. I prayed, then asked if anyone had anything to share after watching the video. There was great feedback: “Overwhelmed,” “Challenged,” “Sobered,” … the feedback went on. One long-time member testified that he was at first critical of the church’s investment in missions. Now he had concluded it was the smartest thing they ever did. Highly recommended. (And thanks, Martin, for the heads-up about this resource.) Watch it on Youtube at

Then if you like it, download either a Flash or a Quicktime copy at…

This might be one of the best resources you’ve ever received via Brigada… and the amazing thing is — it’s free. Just don’t forget that you heard about it here on Brigada.

9) New Video Series From Harvest North Africa

A DVD containing short (5-7 minute) prayer mobilization videos about each of the five nations of the North Africa arise_shine_morocco_logoPartnership (Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania) is now available. Each DVD contains English, French, and Spanish versions all on the same single DVD and is available in either NTSC or PAL versions for US$10.00 including shipping within North America, or at a discount for bulk orders. It can be shipped internationally at slightly higher cost. For more information or to order a copy, please send an email to:


2) New Dvd Course For Magazine Publishers

Magazine Publishers has just released a 14-hour, seven disk DVD course for publishers of Christian magazines on the business of magazine publishing. The course, titled Managing the Magazine, is taught by two key publishing professionals and filmed before an international audience. For more information, check out their site…

Publishers of Christian magazines in the Developing World may contact them for a link to a special section of resources with vastly reduced prices. Contact

4) The Malatya Film: Chronicle Of A Martyr

Necati Aydin, Ugur Yuksel and Tilmann Geske were tied down, tortured and killed April 18, 2007 in Malatya, Turkey, for their testimonies that Jesus Christ is Lord. Two young filmmakers from Texas set out to capture the surrounding events that continue to shake the foundation of a nation less than 0.1% Christian. The result is a full length documentary film, Malatya.

You can watch the trailer now online there. Check out

The film was internationally released as this Brigada goes to press, on or around the 2-year anniversary date of the killings. Organizers are trying to mobilize churches and groups all over the world to show the film. Check the website for more information about how the airings are going.

2) Free Missions Video: "Waiting to Go"

Hats off to “Steve” for offering his missions video, “Waiting to Go” to the Brigada audience, free of charge. If you decide to use it, please remember to pray for him. He originally volunteered this video in a comment made to a previous Brigada item (Nov. 23, 2008).

Watch the video live, embedded below, by clicking the big “Play” triangle in the middle of the black square:

or alternatively, download the entire video to your own hard drive.

9) Family Friendly Videos

A Team Expansion missionary who has lived outside of the US for the better part of a decade says that every once in a while someone will tell him about a great movie or TV series that’s aligned with Christian values or is at least family friendly (probably rated PG or G). He’s wondering if any of you would share what your favorites are in hopes that he can buy pirated copies… just kidding…. legal copies for his family to enjoy. Just mention your favorites in the comments below and we’ll hook these up to Amazon links next week in case you’d like to buy them there.

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