11) Looking for Background Music for your Next Video?

Consider some of these sites… — Thousands of sound effects and great background tracks. A membership allows unlimited downloads. — Like the name says, it’s completely free and they have tons of choices. — You can search by artist or category and it’s all free. — Thousands of tunes, royalty free for non-profit or personal use. Commercial productions have to pay royalties.

14) The BackPage: Final Set of Missional Videos

new year blessingIn this BackPage, we share the 3rd part in a 3-part series of videos you could watch together with your family as you travel this Christmas and New Year’s. These videos are all inspirational, motivational, and uplifting. Give them a try.

Issachar Initiative (3 min):

You Should Know (3 min)

Prayer videos for the Middle East

Live Dead Arab (3 min)

Here Am I, Send Me (JD Greear 2 min)

Why Should the Church Focus On Reaching the Unreached (Piper 3 min)

You Were Made For Global Missions (Piper 2 min)

Unengaged People Groups (Piper 2 min)

Asia Harvest

(Note: videos sometimes appear in an odd mode on YouTube because Muslims and others complain about this outreach.)

The Missional Marriage Series (Paul Tripp)

Joshua Project videos

Do you know of other such inspirational videos? If so, please click “Comment” immediately following the web version of this item. And thank you, in advance, for taking time to respond.

1) Love these Prayer Videos

prayercastYou’ve probably already seen them, but… in case you’ve been on some other planet or something, the folks at…

have put together some awesome videos, some of which are set up nation by nation and are PERFECT for missions rallies that are focusing on a particular part of the world. Hats off to them for making all their videos free of charge. It’s truly suggestive of the fact that their mission is to raise up prayer in whatever way possible. God bless them.

5) The Best YouTube/Vimeo Missions Mobilization Videos —

Let’s create a “hall of fame” list of the best YouTube or Vimeo-type videos focusing on ….

-the power of prayer

-the big picture on Unreached People Groups

-introducing Islam

-church multiplication/planting movements


We’re hoping the answers to these questions will help *all* of us as we seek to mobilize, pray, and place workers. To add your “best of the best” videos to the list, just find this item on the web (if you’re reading via email, just use the link below), then add a comment with a URL. Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately. Our spam engine automatically defers comments with more than one URL included. So we’ll have to glance at them and “approve” them,… but check back and, within a day or two, you’ll see your item listed. Thanks in advance for helping us find the best of the best !!!

3) Mama Shekinah Now Available in 8 Languages —

Mama Shekinah is a powerful documentary of love, trauma, and forgiveness. Sixty minutes long and shot in HD, it tells the story of Hedwig, hell deep in spiritual perfectionism, and Colin, hell deep in drugs, pimping and perversion. They are healed, fall in love, marry, and are attacked by children from the Lord’s Resistance Army in Sudan. Colin is killed, and Hedi returns to express forgiveness and live with former child soldiers. This stunning story is now available in Farsi, Romanian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Kisyarwanda, Indonesian, and English.


(Thanks to Fawn for the tip, even though she does indeed give away the end of the movie! :-) Also, she gave away $25 to Brigada for publishing this! That’s the *only* way I could justify this plot-spoiler. :-) )

3) Don’t forget about “The Waiting World (Vol. 4)”

I’m telling you, I can’t imagine anywhere else in the world would give you six 7-9 minute videos showcasing the 10/40 Window, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism/Tribalism, plus a bonus music video (“We Speak to Nations”). Last we heard, they were giving readers of Brigada Today a $2 discount. It’s at least worth asking for. Suppose they don’t. The price is still a bargain at $12.95 USD plus S&H. Write

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/thewaitingworldatmedotcom_.jpg">title="thewaitingworldatmedotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/thewaitingworldatmedotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="189" height="20" />

and mention Brigada. You *might* be looking at $10.95.

See samples at

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