2) How Do You Communicate Vision to Your Team?

Kelly and Ben Decker have some great ideas at…

but we’d be interested in hearing your take as well. What methods have worked for you? How do you avoid the trap of creating a vision statement that stacks on the shelf and is never viewed again? We’ve recently become interested in metrics and dashboards as a component in helping our teams and our org stay on track (see below). But what has worked for you? Just click “Comment” please — and testify. (Thanks, Mindy.)

14) The BackPage: How do they do it? People “before their time”

You’ve heard the phrase, I’m sure, “He was a man before his time.” This phrase usually refers to someone who was able to write or speak about topics that their contemporaries might not have valued, but that others, later, came to appreciate. One such example was Roland Allen. J.D. Payne wrote a great intro to Allen’s life. You can view or download it here (thanks for Dr. Payne’s willingness to share his research with the world).

As you’ll see in the article, Allen wrote documents in the 1920’s that weren’t greatly appreciated until the 1970’s. But the strange thing is, his concepts haven’t been largely put into practice until literally this decade, when kingdom movements are now springing up all over the globe — 100 years after his teachings. Buy a Kindle copy of his keystone book here…

Dr. George Patterson is another such visionary. He wrote “Obedience Oriented Education and Evangelism in 1974. It was privately published as a little green booklet. I remember reading it as a Bible college student in the late 1970’s, thinking — “what a simple, yet revolutionary principle.” Yet the truth is, his concepts weren’t largely put into practice until the last 10 years. Now, he seems like a genius. Then, his little booklet had to be privately published.

What makes a visionary? What goes into building a life like Allen or Patterson? In my opinion, there are several converging factors that have to be in place. First, the “man before his time” usually stumbles onto a series of approaches or tactics that start working well. In Patterson’s case, he managed to see a Kingdom movement develop in Honduras that went four generations deep and was four streams wide in just 3 years, between the years 1970 to 1973. During those 3 years, the movement he launched gained such momentum that there were 760 believers participating in 29 groups. Before the decade was out, God had raised up over 2000 new disciples in those 4 streams.

Next, a “man before his time” needs the courage to speak up. He becomes an evangelist for his ideas — and he’s not afraid to speak up about it. Even if people don’t listen, the “man before his time” doesn’t stop writing or testifying about “the better way” that he has discovered.

Lastly, to create a “man before his time,” the final ingredient is a passive, apathetic generation of “sheep” who won’t hear, refusing to consider new ideas. And because they don’t — or won’t — the “man before his time” is sometimes ignored for decades or more.

Thankfully, Patterson and others are now being heard. In fact, you can tune in to a webinar that will feature George Patterson on April 27th at noon Eastern Time. To learn more and/or register for this free webinar, just go to…

14) The BackPage: The Importance of Vision

While perusing a gloomy forecast by Forbes recently at…

the thought occurred to me just how crucial it is that we maintain and, in fact, increase our ability to muster a positive vision for the future. Is it just my imagination, or does it seem to you that we have so many negative thinkers these days? I’ve often wondered: Do negative situations cause people to think more negatively? … or did their negative thoughts bring about their own negative self-fulfilling prophecies? What’s your take about pro-future spin-casting? For my money, I’m betting that our best days are in front of us. (Even if they’re not, I’m going to pray that God will make it so while I try to talk people into believing it. Your thoughts?

8) Exploring the Land

If you’re searching for that “Exploring the Land” book by Shane Bennett, compiled in the mid-nineties for all the AD2000 & Beyond prayer journeys and vision trips, don’t bother looking at They’ve got one solitary “hawker” there, offering it for $95. Instead, hop on over to

where a search will turn it up for a more rational $25. Rely on this book any time you want a new team to get an insider’s perspective on the culture of an unreached people group. Using this guide, you can come away with a virtual ethnographic survey of a culture or people.

The Backpage: Who will Cast a Vision for the next 5 Years in Your Life?

We recently asked that question — and, thanks to our good friend, Greg, we learned about “Call2All Congresses.”

(Learn more at…

Check ’em out! There are upcoming conferences in Dallas, Nairobi, and Toronto.

Greg also filled us in on the “Finish the Task” initiative, led, in part, by Paul Eshleman. Learn more about them at…
In a form similar to AD2000 & Beyond, Finishing the Task is “an association of mission agencies and churches who want to see reproducing churches planted among every people group in the world. In 2006, FTT identified 639 unreached, unengaged people groups with populations above 100,000. Since then, 190 of these people groups have been selected, with church planting started in 60 of them.” (Thanks for the leads, Greg.)

Do you have other missions statesman in your midst? Anybody else casting that “big picture” vision? If so, please just click “Comments” below and fill us in! Either way, we can now be optimistic that more vision is in the pipeline!

Doug Lucas

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  • MISSION TRIP SECURITY — If some of your people on a mission trip have a major accident, get arrested, or are abducted, do you know what to do first, whom to contact, how and when to inform families, how to respond to a political or ransom demand, and what the courts might expect of you? On May 10, 2007 the Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies (EFMA) is sponsoring a 90-minute Tele-class (or Webinar) entitled “Ready or Not? What Your Church or Mission needs to Know about Crisis Management & Security for Short-term Teams.” Bob Klamser, Executive Director or Crisis Consulting International, a non-profit missions support agency that provides security training, consulting and emergency services to the missions community. The seminar is free for EFMA members and $35 per person for others. To participate, all you need is broad band access for your computer and a telephone. To see details and enroll on-line go to

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  • COMPOSE FOR MOMENTUM MAGAZINE — Justin Long, Editor of the online magazine, Momentum, invites you to consider submitting articles for upcoming issues …
    *** 2007-05 — Business as Mission — In this and all areas, he’s specifically hoping for non-Western writers as well as Western sources. Better contact him on this one to see if he can still use your material. :-)

    *** 2007-07 — Western Asia (which includes the Asian portion of what we typically call “Middle East”–e.g. Israel and east, as well as Turkey and the -stans of Central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan).

    *** 2007-09 — Eastern Africa, with an especial emphasis on Sudan and Ethiopia.

    He can send you writer’s guidelines. Learn more at:

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  • THE BACKPAGE: MORE “COOL TOOLS” FOR TRAVEL & MISSIONS — In previous issues, we’ve listed these tools:

    #1: Beat jet lag (Sleep E., Party W., Gear up to sleep, Herd your kids)
    #2: Get your own mosquito tent (for malaria-infested areas)
    #3: Insist on AC adaptors that don’t require converters/transformers
    #4: Rent or buy a “worldphone”, satphone, and/or sat modem
    #5: Pack by checklist, pack light
    #6: Use roller bags
    #7: Bring a filtered water bottle
    #8: Carry a thin notebook & a pen, write everything down
    #9: Use a money belt
    #10: Try a photographer’s vest
    #11: Stay healthy, but don’t become O.C.
    #12: Find a camera/kit you can truly *carry*, then *use* it

    With this edition, we add the following

    #13: Pack modularly — When I was a scout as a 7th grader, they taught us to pack “a sack of sacks.” Today, that advice still applies — for missionaries and short-term missions travelers too. This is a great use for those plastic grocery bags from your neighborhood grocery. Socks all in one sack, underwear in another, shirts in another, etc. Double-bag the electronics gear (in a clear bag if you can), soccer cleats in another, soccer ball in another, shin guards & air pump in another, a couple of “kits” or soccer outfits in another, you get the idea. Some say to pack your underwear on top, but I figure the terrorists have all heard that advice by now anyway, so forget it. :-) Send as many liquids as possible through your checked bag. For those liquids you have to carry on, don’t forget to have them ready in a clear zip-lock bag, and send them through the x-ray machine separately.

    #14: Get hold of a good pair of passive noise-reducing earphones — These will do you double-duty. Not only can you use them with your mp3 player or laptop, but also, most airlines have switched to the same “stereo mini-plug” size for their in-air entertainment and movies sound tracks. So rather than use their cheapies, you can reduce the ambient jet noise (and crying kids, bless their hearts :-) ) by at least 10 dB, while getting better fidelity at the same time.

    More cool tools next time.

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