3) What Makes for a Great Landing Page (on a Website)?

If you were asked that question (you just were), how would you answer? This came up recently with the Communications Team at the org I (Doug) lead. They studied long and hard how to configure a landing page. Only you (the viewer) can tell the truth. What do *you* want to see? How do you want to be directed? What are some of your pet peeves about landing pages for mission organizations and churches? You can see the route our Communications Team took at…




But we’re still curious — what’s *your* opinion on what works and what doesn’t? (Please — if you have a moment … click comment and give your best advice to all the communications people who might be reading this item.)


8) Is BlessEveryHome Kind of "Creepily-NSA" in Your Opinion?

Last week, we featured the website, BlessEveryHome, which tells you the names of your neighbors (apparently by compiling publicly available databases). But some commented that it felt a little creepy seeing all that personal information so … out there. What’s your take? Do you feel that, since these data come from databases which are already public anyway, it’s no big deal? Or do you think it should somehow be restricted to some kind of members-only viewing? Your take? Please click and comment if you have an opinion. Feel free to do so anonymously if you desire.


12) I’m Not Color-Sophisticated

By the time I was 9, I was so color deficient, Indiana University used me in a nationwide study on color blindness. So I’m probably the last person you want developing your color templates for the web. But thankfully, Brigada reader, Eric, has pointed us to…


Web designers there, who can detect color combinations much more effectively than I, tell us basically what works and what doesn’t. I like it. And by the way, if you have trouble seeing any of the colors or combinations you see on Brigada’s online web version, please tell us. If you like, just use the comments below this item to point out our mismatch(es).

4) Online Video Counseling Available to Missionaries

Care Port Counseling is an online video counseling ministry to those who work outside their home country, whether in missions or humanitarian aid. Donations subsidize the counseling, so fees are minimal. Besides counseling, Care Port also offers consulting to administrators and member care people on mental health issues and difficult personnel situations. High speed internet is required for video streaming. Services are provided by a licensed counselor with 25+ years’ experience in overseas missions, as both a translator and counselor.  For questions or contact info check out –


10) Run Away with Runway Languages

Runway Languages is a new online language learning tool based on the Language Acquisition Project created by Dwight Gradin at Mission Training International.


Runway currently offers Mandarin Chinese but is looking for partners to help them develop content in additional languages. This is a revenue generating opportunity. They are interested in developing any language that that would be useful for Kingdom work. Contact J.D. at

jdatrunwaylanguagesdotcom if you are interested.

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