11) Cool Tools: The Best Webinar Solution

Use webinar software to show a presentation (like Microsoft Powerpoint) to many viewers. When we last visited this question, we recommended the free option…


But maybe you’ve found others?

At Team Expansion, we use


Maybe you’ve tried…


This is a subjective decision. But please use a comment box (below the online version of this item) to share which is your favorite and why.

7) Short-term Missions Webinars

DELTA Ministries is pleased to announce a series of webinars beginning August 20th that will help you get the most out of your short-term mission trip. Whether you have come back from your trip and don’t know what to do next or are preparing for a mission trip, these webinars are for you. The webinars have limited number of participants, are highly interactive, and customized to answer your questions and meet your needs. For more information, please email Tory at
toryratdeltaministriesdotcom . You can find out more about the webinars or sign up at:


7) Which Web Meeting Software do you Prefer? —

Our office has been using GoToMeeting. It’s ok… but sometimes I wonder if we get stuck in a rut and forget to recheck to see if somebody else has improved another product, you know? For example, this past Monday I sat in on a webmeeting staged via software at…




It was ok too. Today, I saw the review at…




and sure enough, GoToMeeting was listed as #1, but, I sometimes wonder if some of those “reviews” are sponsored by the company that wants to be #1, you know? So — real life human experience — which medium do you prefer? Are there any steals of a deal out there? Some people might be using Skype or VSee.com — which would be poor-man’s webinar software, right? What’s your pick?

4) Consider this Alternative for Skype Video —

Is it just me — or have you noticed lately that Skype video conferences seem to be dropping somewhat in quality? If you feel the same, would you be willing to try out this alternative service and give your feedback? The service is




We heard about it last week courtesy a very kind Mission Aviation Fellowship staffer. It’s completely free, allows peer to peer screen sharing and even webinar-like features such as screen sharing — so you can even allow someone remotely to work on your laptop, while you discuss it. Should be a great “poor man’s GoToMeeting.” Did I mention it’s completely free? :-) There are add-on premium services, but it looks as if they’re most relevant in enterprise settings. Granted, for larger webinars in which you want a special speaker to be able to address a group, Vsee doesn’t seem as appropriate (there’s no way to hush all the group members; they have to mute themselves). But for smaller get-togethers and prayer sessions, it seems like an answered prayer!

2) Free 100% funding webinar —

Kingdom Come Training is offering a free forty-minute live, interactive webinar to show how any faith ministry worker, anywhere in the world with high-speed internet can add $1000 to their monthly support every month until they are 100% funded. In many places it can be done without leaving the field.

KCT will present a biblical, relational, no-pressure approach to partnership ministry that connects individual believers with the joy, the blessing and the eternal reward of obedience to Jesus’ final instructions.

The free webinar is for. . .

*** Career Missionaries serving anywhere in the world

*** New faith ministry appointees

*** Home assigned ministry staff

*** Church ministry interns on personal support

*** Short-term workers

*** People serving in retirement but needing support

*** Anyone, anywhere who raises support for ministry.

E-mail KCT for the dates, times and a registration form:


Also, check out their website at…


4) Freebinar Just Didn’t seem to Compare —

For members of our own organization, Freebinar just didn’t seem to compare. You’ll recall that we asked you back on the 22 of August what you thought of the free webinar hosting solution. Just seemed too good to be true. The comments on our earlier post can be found at…


For our own organization, the critical piece was the ability to share desktop presentations and exchange presenters, letting others speak from the panel of participants. Freebinar didn’t seem to have that capability, so unfortunately, we stuck with GoToWebinar. But if your organization doesn’t need desktop sharing/presentations, don’t forget to experiment with Freebinar as an option. The price is right.


1) Please try Freebinar.com Webinars and Report Back Here —

I can’t figure it out. Our organization has been paying $100/mo. to GoToWebinar for a couple of years. I’ve just discovered…


Why would we be paying GoToWebinar if these folks can do it for free (ad-supported)? They’ve just added webinar recording and screen-sharing. Those are two services that are probably key deal-maker details.  If you or your organization could benefit from a free webinar interface, would you be willing to give this webinar.com thing a try, then report back here? I’m particular interested in hearing about quality of service and value. If Freebinar is free but messy, then GoToWebinar is still a better deal, you know? Please report back as soon as you can. Thanks for your help.

1) Chalmers Center Webinar Series to Help You Help Haiti —



To help churches, relief agencies, and individuals respond appropriately to the crisis in Haiti (helping the Haitian people to take ownership of the rebuilding process), the Chalmers Center will host a three-part, webinar lecture series. The webinars are scheduled for February 17th, February 24th, and March 3rd, from 1 to 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (US). They will be presented by Steve Corbett and Dr. Brian Fikkert, authors of “When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor…and Yourself,” a paradigm-shifting book on the causes of and solutions to the problem of poverty


There is no charge for the webinars. However, to join a live webinar session, you must register — and it works best to register ahead of time (like… now). If you cannot join a live webinar, a download link of the recorded webinar will be posted on the webinar registration page within two business days following the date of the live webinar session. Find the registration link at…


This sounds *reeeeeeeeeeally* good. I can’t figure why they’re offering it for free… unless they see their work as ministry, which is very cool.

10) The Backpage: What are we Learning about Webinars?

webinarMany of us have probably participated in one or more webinars by now. Here at Team Expansion, we’ve been doing webinars now for a year or so… but I’ll be honest: sometimes our results are better than others. Some of our webinars have left participants longing for more audience interaction. We struggle, at times, with how to make it more interesting and dynamic. Do you have tips? … or have you discovered a book, online resource, or other guide? Please share by leaving a comment. Thanks for helping the Brigada family with this new medium, loaded with potential. By plugging in your comments, this “Back Page” editorial can become a holding tank for resources and ideas… thanks to you!

1) Take in an upcoming (free) Webinar from Chalmers Center

whenhelpinghurtsCheck out the series they’ve launched at…


The price is right (free) and the content is top-notch, based on the book, When Helping Hurts. (I have a copy in front of me here at my desk… and as I look at my desk, it’s the *only* book at desk level. (There are others on the shelves above.) These webinars… did we mention that they’re free? :-) The first session covered chapters 1-3 and explored the concepts and principles presented in the introduction and chapters 1 through 3 of the book. Great idea, eh? :-)

7) Drive-In

North Point Ministries is launching a bold leadership training effort in January for leaders around the world who are interested in learning principles of “creating churches for people who don’t like church.”DRIVE-IN, or Drive International, is a series of live web events, premiering on January 21, 2009 at 9am EST, where leaders from all over the world can come together, learn, and chat with each other. Featuring Andy Stanley, DRIVE-IN will cover topics such as creating relevant environments, how people grow in their faith with God, and how to make vision stick. Registered guests will have the opportunity to chat with each other and North Point staff about each topic, participate in field work between each session, and blog about their experiences. For more information about DRIVE-IN or to register, visit the website that North Point is staging at

10) The Backpage: Can Webinars Build True Community?

Our organization (Team Expansion) has been trying out the webinar concept on a trial basis to see if it can help our full-timers build more camaraderie with one another across continents. Early [anecdotal] indications are that it can indeed help, but I can’t help but think we’re still trying to get it right. I imagine by now, everybody’s participated in a webinar. You’ve probably listened to some persuasive sales person push a new upgrade to a major software package you use at the office. Or maybe someone discussed missionary attrition. Typically, one or two people — 3 or 4 at the most — take turns talking about a product, service, fix, or problem. They usually let you look at some Powerpoint slides or a working computer monitor while you listen to the audio portion of the program. Were it not for the Powerpoint, it would kind of resemble a phone conference, except the heavy-lifting of the phone conference portion is usually covered by the webinar service. (They at least provide the “bridge”, even if participants have to call in on Skype or a cell phone.) We’ve tried splashing a webcam view of the speaker on the screen. It does seem to slow down the visual element of the webinar, so lately, we’ve gone to “snapshots” of the speaker, just so we don’t have to constantly rebroadcast the video over the webinar. (Broadband participants do ok, but dial-up folks have a hard time with the webcam video.) Sometimes there are question-and-answer times (maybe with participants emailing in their questions… or typing them into a chat window). We’ve been using a pretty *basic* service, but in a couple of weeks, we hope to try out a stepped-up service that accommodates on-line polling, chatting with each participant, panels, and, in general, many improved features.

Of course, there’s a cost to all this, but probably not nearly so much as you think. The dumbed-down service we were using was about $45/month… but I can already tell you that it looks like the upgrade to “Go-To-Webinar” will be worth it, at something like $80/month:


These prices are for unlimited conferences with as many as 1000 people at a time. We’re now in the process of comparing prices with


Where have you found the best deal? What format worked best for your ministry? How might you use webinars to draw your international audience together? Report back from the field to your board? Show a Powerpoint online? Use the webinar-service’s voice-over-IP telephony service to save money on international calls during the webinar? If you have solutions… providers, vendors, great service-sites, please refer us. Just click “Comment” on the web version below and be sure to tell us URLs and addresses. Thanks for being “one beggar, telling another where to find bread!”


We’ve already mentioned ooVoo, a web service offering free web-to-web voice- over-IP (free phone calls from your computer to any other computer in the world ). Now, in celebration of a recent upgrade, ooVoo is offering free unlimited phone calls (well, actually 3000 minutes) to the USA and Canada until mid-June. Instead of phone to phone, it’s web-to-phone (like “Skype-out”). Call your grandmother and watch her favorite movie with her while you laugh online together at the funny parts, just like you used to. Wrap up your work, go home at night, and play chess with your old high school sweetheart — online! Better hurry though: the free calling program ends June 15th, at which time it will resemble “Skype out.” ooVoo also offers free video-conferencing over the web with up to 5 friends. You can even record five minute web-conferences and turn them into teaching lessons or whatever you want. Check it out today — it’s Brigada’s “best deal of the week on the web”:


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