9) Looking for a Conference on Wholistic Mission? Look no Further

missionary africaCheck out the International Wholistic Missions Conference, scheduled for Peoria, AZ (Phoenix), Apr. 29 – May 1st. With a great them — “The Whole Church on Mission” — and a dozen workshop tracks plus a great line-up of speakers, it seems destined to set a solid course for everything related to CHE, transformational ministry on a global scale, and the Christian’s response to poverty. And, as if that weren’t enough, I hear there’s a fantastic track, “On Mission Planting Churches,” which gives transformational ministry practitioners practical tools for keeping church multiplication in the center of wholistic ministry. Learn more and register at…


2) Combined Community Development Training and Personal Debriefing

LRM Being a change-agent in a developing community is greatly rewarding but doesn’t come without its stresses and difficulties. It’s not uncommon to put a lot of energy into a community development project only to have results and community response less than what you had hoped for. The folks at Le Rucher Ministries know – they have years of experience in bringing wholistic Community Development in recovering war-torn areas as well as debriefing cross-cultural workers. They are offering a two week training and personal debriefing combination August 17-29. Explore wholistic biblical principles on how to help a community reach its God-given potential, at the same time as processing the impact of your current experiences and projects. This training is for Community Development practitioners and field workers who want to hone their skills as well as debrief their current experiences. The training is held at their center just outside of Geneva, Switzerland and the cost of 650 Euro covers all materials, meals and accommodation for two weeks – not a bad price! For more information go to their webpage at:


Space is limited so fill out an application today and get ready to hone your skills for greater effectiveness.

14) The BackPage: Wholistic Church-Planting

Lately, I’ve been fearing that, in our reawakening to transformational development, we’ll place a lower priority on church-planting. My own personal feeling is that we should be like Jesus, who cared for physical needs AND spiritual needs. He understood the importance of healing people, but he also made it clear that he was “all in” about making disciples of all nations. If you’ve had a question about the biblical basis of Church Planting (or whether we should even still be focusing on it), would you glance through the presentation from my workshop last week at the International Wholistic Missions Conference in Phoenix, Arizona? (I used Prezi. If you’re not familiar with it, it’ll feel something like Powerpoint or Keynote only better. :-) ) Find it here…


My assignment was simple: show the biblical background for wholistic church-planting. If I left something out, please comment below. Or if you agree or disagree, please let me know. Thanks for your time and attention on this. It’s a highly-important topic. Feel free to comment anonymously if you prefer.

2) See Brigada at the International Wholistic Missions Conference

Turns out they’re going to interview us at the IWMC in Phoenix during the 7:45pm evening session on January 10th. We’ll also do a workshop earlier that afternoon at 2:15, focused on Wholistic Church Planting. IWMC will provide tools and strategies that have been proven to work throughout the world. There are 70 workshops in 10 tracks designed to provide answers and opportunities to discuss the following questions:

  • How do we help without hurting?
    How can we get beyond relief to sustainable development?
    How do we integrate word and deed so that Christ is exalted in every area of life?
    How can I use my mission dollar for maximum impact?

Learn more at the IWMC website,


Register by the end of December to avoid the late registration penalty.

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