3) Sharpen Your Interpersonal Skills in Ethiopia this November

This November 17-22, 2019 is a Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills (SYIS) workshop, hosted by SIL Ethiopia. It is located near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. If you desire biblical tools for improving your relational skills and creating life changes (in an interactive adult learning style), then SYIS is a great workshop for you. For more information on this workshop in Ethiopia, please contact Haimi at

haimidotwalteratgmaildotcom  (haimidotwalteratgmaildotcom)  

4) CEO/President Peer 2 Peer Retreat Sponsored by Missio Nexus

Peer 2 Peer is a two day event combining directed peer discussions, case studies, networking, panel & table discussions, and inspirational sessions.  It is designed to be both relational and developmental.

It’s designed for CEOs and Presidents of missionary agencies. In addition to leadership, the focus surrounds issues directly affecting evangelism, church planting and similar Great Commission topics. Spouses are welcome. Learn more at…!event/2020/3/31/ceo-peer-2-peer-retreat


9) Still Time to Register for "Traction Men’s Conference" (Sept. 2019)

You still might have time to register for the Traction Men’s Conference, a 6-day experience designed to encourage global workers serving cross-culturally. You’ll learn about managing stress, solation, and opposition, reconnecting with God through prayer, cultivating the character of authentic leadership, navigating difficulties with grace, honoring God in all things, and persevering with courage and trust in the face of challenges. Learn more — and register — at …


(Thanks again, Jenny!)


8) Get Foundational Coaching Skills Training (FOCOS )

Are you looking for practical training that will help you make use of coaching skills and principles in your leadership roles? Coaching Mission International (CMI) is committed to supporting you as you learn to integrate coaching skills into your leadership sphere. The curriculum includes experiencing coaching for yourself during a five-day interactive workshop introducing coaching skills, mentor coaching, and teleclasses for skill development and application as you begin to use those skills with others. It’s taught onsite in Phoenix, AZ, September 10-14, 2019. Learn more at…

5) TESOL Workshop: The Basics of ESL Teaching 102 (Basic stuff)

Do you want to teach English more effectively? The Institute for Cross-Cultural Training is offering a one-day TESOL workshop, Basics of ESL Teaching 102, on April 6. It focuses on how to teach oral skills such as speaking, pronunciation, and listening comprehension. There are two ways to participate: either face-to-face or online through Skype in real time. For more information, contact

icctatwheatondotedu  (icctatwheatondotedu)   or visit the ICCT website for more information:

6) TESOL Workshop: Basics of Teaching ESL 103 (Advanced stuff)

The Institute for Cross-Cultural Training is offering a follow-up one-day TESOL workshop, Basics of ESL Teaching 103, on April 27. It focuses on four areas: teaching grammar, teaching lower proficiency learners, assessment, and materials selection. There are two ways to participate: face-to-face or online through Skype in real time. For more information, contact

icctatwheatondotedu  (icctatwheatondotedu)   or visit the ICCT website for more information:

8) Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation (EMDC)

EMDC is a multi-agency consultation that meets alternately in Asia and Europe. Minority language workers in the Eurasia region meet with media specialists (Radio, TV, Internet, Mobile, Social Media), IT Technicians, recording specialists, graphic artists, digital publishers and specialists in Orality and Ethno-Arts. EMDC 2015 will be in Europe in springtime, 2015 and expects around 350 people (100+ organizations). It will have over 40 workshops. Prior to EMDC there are 4 optional days of training in 16 Tracks: Video 1, Video 2, Audio 1, Audio 2, Website development, Orality/Storytelling, Ethnoarts, Mobile Production, Mobile Apps, Game development, Culturally Intelligent Media, Media-based Discovery Groups, Becoming an On-Line Trainer, Animation, Research for Effective Media Communication, Archiving and Digital Publishing. Contact: infoatemdcondotorg for access to the password-protected website.

10) Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshop in Portland

interpersonalskillsOne of the significant challenges we face on a day-to-day basis is working with others, often from different cultures and with different personalities. Highly interactive, SYIS Workshops are designed to enhance the knowledge, attitudes and skills of Christian workers in how we relate to family, co-workers, friends as well as those from other cultures. Here’s one scheduled for October 26-31, 2014, in Portland, Oregon. The registration deadline is September 30. You can see registration & price information at.

Learn more at.

4) Experiencing Partnering Workshop in Texas, Sept. 26-29

ipaAre you tired of attending trainings that send you home with a bulging binder (or a thumb drive full of files) only never again to look at the material? International Partnering Associates (IPA), a cooperative network of 50 globally based partners, is sponsoring an Experiencing Partnering Workshop (EPW) Friday evening, September 26 through Monday evening, September 29 in Dallas, Texas. Lead facilitators Jose and Karen promise that their approach is anything but average. Interactive learning experiences, discussion-based learning, case studies, and personal time for reflection replace boring lectures or theoretical ideas. Better hurry though: Early registration ends soon. To receive a brochure or register, send an email to
To learn more about IPA, check out:

8) “Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshop” in Portland

sharpening your interpersonal skillsIt’s scheduled for October 26-31, 2014, in Portland, Oregon. Organizers have written, “Few things glorify God more than living together in a spirit of unity…and few things are more destructive than not doing so.” SYIS is a training experience designed to assist cross-cultural workers in lovingly relating together in a spirit of unity! If you are coming from a distance, lodging and meals are available at their WorldView Center. Prices are structured for commuters and participants who will stay on campus. You can see registration & price information at…

Learn more at…

9) Encounter God’s Heart for the Nations at This Workshop

Kairos-Full-2-lines---BrownFirst Christian Church in Huntington Beach, CA, is hosting a Kairos Class that is open to the public.

You can learn more about the course by visiting the Kairos website,…

The dates and times for the training are Aug. 18 (9am-5pm), Aug. 20 (9am-5pm), Aug. 25 (9am-5pm), Aug. 27 (9am-5pm), and Aug. 28 (9am-12pm). To register sign up here:

The registration fee is $50; there will be lunch provided on full days as well as materials for those participating. The deadline for registration is August 4th. Feel free to email the Director of Global Involvement of FCCHB at

She can answer any further questions. The church is located at 1207 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648.

1) Interactive workshop for arts & mission in TX and the UK

Arts for a Better Future (ABF) is a one-week workshop that trains participants to spark local, Scripture-infused creativity that moves communities toward the kingdom of God. The training content follows the 7-step process contained in Creating Local Arts Together: A Manual to Help Communities Reach Their Kingdom Goals (2013, William Carey Library). Participants will learn to apply this flexible model to an existing cultural context. They then develop plans to engage these principles for arts in mission with a community in which they work. The workshop is drenched in warm, artistic personal interaction with other people and God. ABF can be a help to missionaries with artistic gifts, cross-cultural ministry strategic planners, pastors, worship leaders, people interested in developing multicultural worship, and artists of all kinds. Choose the site closest to you:

*** Dallas, TX – June 3-8, 2013 (Not: Registration ends May 15! Act soon!) – see

*** England – July 7-12, 2013 – see

for info and see the video at

If you have questions after looking at the websites above, write to

Sponsored by the International Council of Ethnodoxologists –

and its partners in Dallas and the UK.

11) MAF-LT Presents Oral Strategies Workshop

Over two-thirds of the world cannot, or will not, learn from reading. But stories open the road to their hearts. MAF-Learning Technologies offers Oral Strategies Workshops in many places around the world. However, each year they offer one in the US. This year it will take place in Boise, Idaho, June 4-8 2013. Students will learn to teach the same way Jesus taught. They will be able to tell fun, accurate Bible stories, lead interactive Bible studies, and equip short-term mission teams. The methods taught work particularly well with people groups who are preferred oral communicators, but even the highly literate find new insights. For more information or to register go to:

11) Learn to Build Seamless Partnerships in Less than Six Weeks

If you have to build a strong partnership with someone from another culture, don’t give up until you run, rather than walk, to…

I’ve used this course with new friends in Asia, and I’m about to use it (starting tomorrow) with new friends in Serbia and two days later, in Bulgaria. It’s good stuff. You might have to adapt it to your situation, but it will give you plenty of meat to adapt.

11) Do you have a “When Helping Hurts” Story?

In 10 days, I have to teach a workshop at a conference in Phoenix on the topic of church-planting via neighborhood transformation approaches (otherwise known as Community Health Evangelism or CHE). First, to learn more about CHE, see our CHE channel at Brigada by going to this URL:

Second, if you have a story, please click the link immediately below and tell you narrative in the comments that follow. (Please don’t list any individual’s name that might be sensitive or confidential.) From these stories, I hope to put together a narrative with case studies for the workshop. I’ll be glad to send you a copy of that narrative. Again, please don’t mention anything secure. (For example, if you don’t want others to be talking about the village or city, use a pseudonym to describe your context.) Just use the comment box below to describe a situation. For a backdrop, read “When Helping Hurts,” available at Amazon or at your favorite Christian bookstore. God bless you!!!

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