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Welcome to Brigada's Focus Page on Web Evangelism

First, maybe you're wondering, what's Brigada? Since January 25th, 1995, the weekly Brigada Today email journal has been informing Great Commission Christians about our great global quest: giving hope and help to those who need it most. More specifically, Brigada seeks to...

Today there are nearly 10,000 subscribers of our weekly publication who, together, make up the Brigada family of participants. May God grant all of us wisdom, insight, and energy to keep on sharing hope and help to those who need it most! Take a look at our hundreds of archived issues.

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Mission agencies and the Web

The Web is no longer just a Western toy. It has become a medium for outreach to unreached people around the world, including the 10-40 Window. There is a big need to create evangelistic sites to target these people in an effective and contextualized way, in both English and other languages. This is an opportunity for both evangelistic agencies and individuals, including returned or retired missionaries who can maintain an outreach to their field of service.

Surprisingly, very few mission agencies are actually using the Internet as an evangelistic tool. Almost all use it to communicate with their Christian constituencies, or to communicate with and resource their mission staff. This open letter to mission executives explains the amazing opportunities available to mission agencies, returned/retired missionaries, and indeed anyone who wants to reach out in online evangelism.

You can reach the world online
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