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5) Best Offline Web Browser

I’m afraid we have to call in some help on this one. Suppose you want to visit the capital city and download a bunch of web pages that you can use as a reference-base back at the jungle outpost. I used to rely heavily on this kind of function, but I have to admit, I’ve let all those program slip out of my grasp. So we’re asking the Brigada audience: What’s the state of the art of downloading and “remembering” webpages, even though you’re offline later? Your favorite and why? Just click “Comment” under the web version of this item. Thanks for any input you can offer.

6) Best Offline Bible

bronzeYou know… I’ve recently been trying out Logos and, I’m afraid my life has changed. I can’t imagine ever being satisfied with e-Sword again. The layout with Logos is so much more modern. And talk about feature-rich! Of course, one pays for all that power. But if you use the page at…

at least you get 15% off for all Logos products. So, although the normal price for the Bronze package (about 5 gigs worth of resources) is $629.95, you’ll download it instantly (ok… maybe not INSTANTLY. You’ll have to go somewhere where the internet is fast just to grab it!) for $535.46 … or $50/month, if you need the easy-payment plan. But my goodness… Look at the offering at…

And what’s really cool is — once you buy it, you own it. You don’t need the internet. And you can use the same basic interface across all your devices. So now my iPhone has the most powerful Bible interface I’ve yet to see. Any notes I make on one device instantly hive over to the other. Own an iPad? (I don’t — yet.) Same same. It’s like a dream. Hover your mouse over your favorite version and you can instantly check out all the Greek (person, case, etc., all the details). On the same set of panels, you’ll see reference materials, text comparisons, commentaries, passage guides, cross-references, parallel passages, outlines, people, places, things, events, media, and more. PLUS — you can turn any set of versions into an interlinear format. I wish I could just buy Logos for everybody on the Brigada email list. The bottom line is — it’s the standard by which all other versions should be judged. Check it out today. (Truth is advertising: Logos sends a portion of your purchase to Brigada as a gift, so, yes, you’re helping Brigada while you read and study the Word. But check me out on all of the above facts. It’s all true — and I love the interface. That’s true too. I haven’t closed it since first opening it up on my laptop. I’m using it for personal reading, along with preparing lessons and sermons too.)

7) Looking for a Special Offline App? Ask Here

Have you got a special use for an offline app that we haven’t mentioned above? Just use the comment box below to ask. I have a hunch that SOMEBODY in the Brigada audience will have tried to create or find a solution for you. Try it. Just click Comment.

8) Learn How to Use Storying Among Unreached Peoples

story runnersExplore an opportunity that fuels your passion to share the Gospel with people that don’t have an opportunity to hear it. Serve overseas in challenging places a few weeks each year coaching national Christians in using Bible storying as a way to take the Gospel to unreached people. Attend pre-field training in Orlando at the StoryRunners School of Storying, March 23 – 28, 2014. Learn more at…

9) Books Shipped Free Worldwide

book depository Brigada participant, Jenn, recently recommended the Book Depository

It’s based in the UK and they sell books primarily and the best part is that they ship free all over the world. According to Jenn, their prices are very reasonable and sometimes they even beat Amazon.

10) An Incredible Variety Of Mission Trips At Your Fingertips

Check out

for unique missions trips that fit your group, your talents, skills and heart for sharing the gospel and seeing lives changed. The website has been connecting groups and individuals with incredible ministry opportunities for thirteen years. They have over 1,500 short-term mission trips listed, in places all over the world, with 95 different hosting organizations.

If you are a mission organization seeking to spread the word about your trips, consider listing them at the site. It can enlarge your circle of influence and bring new participants to increase your efforts. Check it out and call Dani at 479-524-9110 or email

11) Missional Micro-videos

It’s no surprise that we now live in a world that is increasingly immersed in media. There’s a place to debate how this impacts cultures, but the fact remains that hunger for video-related content only continues to grow, so why not feed people content that will feed their souls?

One of the areas seeing the most growth globally is micro videos, which have been popularized by Vine (a Twitter tool) and Instagram. Animated GIF files, which have been around for decades, are now also seeing increased popularity. Brian is looking for examples of such ultra-short video clips (Vines are 6 seconds, Instagram videos are 15 seconds) or GIFs that can be used for ministry. If you know of any, please click comment under the online (web) version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

12) Join GoCorps; Change the World

gocorpsGoCorps is a partnership of 15 mission organizations that has been working over the last four years to make it easier and more common for recent grads of all majors to use their degrees globally for two years. Contrasted with short-term and career missions, these commitments are called mid-term missions. With the goal of unlocking and sending a new kind of Goer, those with marketplace skills and career interests, GoCorps is methodically addressing the key barriers that this new generation faces: offering $5000 in student loan forgiveness and making the process simpler and faster by having all organizations use one common application form and process. The application deadline for fall 2014 start dates is February 21. They’ve chosen February 4 (2.4.14) as a day to raise awareness for twenty-somethings to go 2 years 4 the least reached. Learn more about GoCorps and GoCorps Awareness Day at

13) Thanks for Those Who Help Pay the Bills

We’re grateful this past week for a $50 gift from Kingdom Come Training. If you need help raising support, we encourage you to give them a try.

Thanks, too, to the anonymous donor who just sent $100 in honor of the Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship, on the web at…

In addition, we’re grateful to the Mission Network in Mount Vernon, WA.
Learn more about them on the web at…

If you’d like to help as well, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner, or, mail a check made payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible.

14) The BackPage: The Magic of Sharing

Some years ago, it was really fashionable to “nickel and dime” people at every turn, in hopes of generating a support base. Organizations charged for webinars, booklets, DVD’s, and more. For some reason, over the past few years, we’ve started seeing a new wave of momentum to give away as much as possible. For example, this past week, Magazine Training International

shared that, “about 18 months ago, we began to offer freely downloadable ebooks on publishing and free Web-based training videos. Since then we’ve offered 21 eBooks and 18 training videos. We started to offer free Webinars on publishing topics last year and are now offering about six a year. We will begin our first four-week online Instructor led course later this month. We send out a notice to our emailing list every time a new eBook or video become available, but anyone who is interested can simply check the home page of our Web site for the current free offer or for information about upcoming Webinars and online courses.”

Of course, I realize that the leaders of every org have to figure out a financial model that works for them. But I also have noticed that orgs like Magazine Training seem to be doing well with a “give them the farm,” while hoping that current and future partners will come to love them, and undergird their futures.

What about you and your org? Do you buy into these principles? Are they working for you? Please share by clicking “comment” in one of the box following the web version of this item. We look forward to your feedback on how it has or hasn’t worked for you.

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