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3) Suppose you Wanted to buy the Best Online Bible for a Friend?

Got a friend or family member who somehow was overlooked by Santa? It happens more often than you think. Or maybe someone (you?) received cash for Christmas, so you’re asking yourself, “What would make a perfect gift that would keep on giving?” Never fear: the answer is here.
Logos Bibles and Christian books all fit together in your favorite digital device. Whether for your phone, slate, or laptop, Logos apps are perfect for pastors, stupendous for students, and fantastic for family. Plus, if you order now, you might still get a free A. W. Tozer book from Logos as a thank-you gift. Simply make any purchase, then use this coupon code: 12DAYS2013 — to get the book free! (And thanks for ordering from Logos at the above landing page. They plan to make donations to Brigada to say thanks for each order, so when you order and read a Logos Bible, you’re helping Brigada too!)

7) Where Are the Best Links to free Arabic Bibles for…

Remember those guys? They’re an action-focused team trying to change a nation. To help them make a difference among tons of locals, they’re searching for recommendations for the best links to free *ARABIC* Bibles for:

online reading
online mobile reading
iPhone/iPad (iOS)
Windows Phone
Windows 8

If you have any options for them, please use the comment boxes following the web version of this item. And thanks in advance for any help you can give.

8) Let’s Learn from the Mapping Center

Perhaps you’ve noticed… here at Brigada, we’re high these days on sites like the Mapping Center…

This site was referred to us by Brigada participant, Caleb, who is in the middle of trying to help a neighborhood what has gone through lots of decline. By using the MappingCenter site, he pole-vaults YEARS ahead in his understanding of neighborhoods and possibilities. You can too. Check it out — and let’s hope it continues to globalize its data to the far corners of the earth. It’s only a matter of time.

9) Learn to Coach Storyrunners Among the Unreached

StorytellingVision 500 is a strategic movement to produce 42 oral Bible stories from Creation to Jesus’ Return in 500 unreached languages. Explore this exciting opportunity March 23-28, 2014, at the StoryRunners School of Storying (SOS) in Orlando. It is a 5 day interactive workshop that demonstrates the process being used in the international SOS in a single language in just 5 weeks! Afterwards, if you are interested, you can apply to join a team that will coach national Christians who are ministry practitioners to develop and record the story set and to lead weekly story groups that can multiply into churches. SOS graduates have the skill and vision to help others into a lifetime of effective, reproducible Bible storying ministry. StoryRunners is the Bible storying ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ to unreached people groups. To learn more, browse to …

10) Give Hope to Prisoners with The Prison Bible

Prison BibleBible League International announces the very first publication of its kind, The Prison Bible, which will be available January of 2014. With over 10.1 million people in prison around the world, The Prison Bible is designed to address one of the most unreached populations in an innovative, yet simple way. The Prison Bible presents Scripture in simple, everyday language inmates can understand using the full Easy-to-Read Version™ Bible. It also provides the inmate with useful tools such as a goal setting chart, Scripture helps for dealing with negative emotions, and an address book for family and friends. The Prison Bible can be ordered at Bible League International’s online bookstore:

12) Gear Up at TRAIN International

TRAIN International equips individuals and teams preparing to live and work cross-culturally and provides debriefing when they return from the field. They also offer coaching to churches that are sending and supporting cross-cultural workers. Their goal is that workers go prepared, stay effective, and return healthy and prepared for their next phase of ministry. Check out their website at

Upcoming Events: ABIDE (debriefing and re-entry seminar) February 17-21 and May 19-23; ORIENT (pre-field training) September 8-21.

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