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Brigada Today — 2013/06/23

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In this edition:
1) Has Anybody Given Away More Missions Intro Material Than This?
2) Train and Multiply is a Goldmine of Discipleship Material
3) Read Kindle Books on your Laptop
4) Medical Professionals for Missionaries?
5) Who is Your Favorite Shipper Overseas?
6) Free Report on “The State of HR”
7) Instantly Create and Share Visuals,
8) Need a Website for Your Ministry TODAY?
9) Free Study Resources
10) Spot Global Phone is $100 off for Current Spot Messenger Users
11) Missions is everywhere in the Bible
12) Special Speaker at Horizons
13) We’re Thankful for…
14) The BackPage: How Will the Megachurch Impact Missions?
15) Closing Stuff

2) Train and Multiply is a Goldmine of Discipleship Material

Every once and awhile, I like to reawaken our attention to the material at Train and Multiply…

George Patterson was a genius with discipline. The 90 booklets that he developed (and the wealth of training material that has grown up around them) are a first-class example of what creative material can rise up from field needs. And don’t forget to look at it all through a different lense at…

Read more about George Patterson’s work here…,id,282,sv,bib

There are five parts, in all, to that article. Be sure to see the links at the bottom of the page.

3) Read Kindle Books on your Laptop

Working abroad… Don’t own a Kindle? Wish you did, because then you could download digital books? Don’t forget: You might be able to install a Kindle as an ‘app’ on your laptop. Try visiting…

to see if your laptop has what it takes. You might be able to start reading that new book you wanted in a matter of ‘minutes’ rather than ‘months!’

4) Medical Professionals for Missionaries?

Are you aware of any medical professionals specializing in helping missionaries? We’re searching for doctors, dentists, optometrists, … or any other medical professional. It might be that they custom-tailor their practice to international travel? … or maybe they offer a discount to those who are working abroad. Either way, if you can direct us to a website or a practice, please click on the “Comment” box in the online version of this item and share your discovery. Thanks!

5) Who is Your Favorite Shipper Overseas?

Another Brigada regular has to ship a container or crate to West Africa. Any new options out there? We’ve looked at these before in the past but it’s probably worth revisiting. See samples from a previous item at…

If you’d like to add to that list, just click “Comment” in the online version of that page or this item. Thanks in advance for your help!

6) Free Report on ” The State of HR”

The editors at People in Aid wrote, “If you work in the humanitarian and development sector, you need to read this paper. We have made it short and easy to read so that everyone can benefit from the insights into the current trends in HR and people management. The report encourages you to think about what might be needed to transform and prepare your organization for what lies around the corner.” See the full report for free at…

It’s a brand new release, passed along to us by Kelly O’Donnell at…

7) Instantly Create and Share Visuals,

I like “Easelly,” …

even though it’s not the most secure way to create infographics. It only takes a few moments to learn to use the interface. A creative person would be able to turn boring text into glitz and meaning, lickety-split. Just remember that, even if you mark you’re drawings as “private,” that still only means that no one else can EDIT them. It doesn’t mean no one else can SEE them. Yes, a private infographic will be SOMEWHAT secure (because of security by obscurity), but if anyone ever picks up your link, just remember that your graphic will be visible to the world. Of course, if you’re posting something to the web, you’ve probably already dealt with those questions anyway. And the price is right (free!). You might want to give it a try, if for no other reason than to get the basic concepts of using infographics.

8) Need a Website for Your Ministry TODAY?

Yes, you could develop your new website in some open source or free derivative, especially if you’re a hacker or if you speak HTML. However, if you need something up and running quickly and you want the pictures to “pop” off the page, I still have a hard time finding something with as much instant “glitz” as Clover. We still use their solution at Team Expansion. Yes there are cheaper services and, yes, there are limitations. But, at the end of the day, our Creative Arts team loves it because it’s easy, it’s beautiful, and it works. See the way they’re using Clover by visiting our Team Expansion site at…

We pay for Clover like everyone else does. We don’t get it for free just because we recommend it. However, if you’re considering signing up, you’ll receive $50 off the sign-up fee if you use this link by July 30th:

Clover gives you lots of great tools so your site can look and be organized, simple, and attractive. Try it today.

9) Free Study Resources

Max and Sheila have put together some resources based upon their own experiences as missionaries. Subjects include: The origins and history of the Bible; The major themes and a timeline; History of the Nation of Israel; The Blood Covenants; The New Testament church; The Holy Spirit our guide to truth. You can see more details and find out how to receive the presentations by going to

or by contacting Max and Sheila at

Included are PowerPoint presentations complete with Teaching Notes for use by both groups and individuals.

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