Brigada – 2020-07-05

3) StoryRunners Invites Participation in Outreach to Unreached

StoryRunners is seeking teachable, strategic-thinking and innovative problem solvers. They invite you to “Explore an opportunity that takes your passion to share the Gospel and matches it to people without an opportunity to hear it.” You can serve overseas in challenging places a few weeks each year coaching national Christians in using Bible storying as a way to take the Gospel to unreached people. For more info, browse to…

4) How to Keep Brigada’s Name Off Spamming “Black Lists”

If you’re receiving Brigada as an email, then, at one time or another, you (or someone using your email account) must have subscribed. How do we know that? Because in all of Brigada’s history… since we started in 1995, we’ve never ever ‘manually added’ a single address to the Brigada email list. If you’ve changed your mind and no longer wish to receive Brigada, please use the handy “unsubscribe” link at the end of this newsletter. Please don’t list us as spam. (After all, you asked for it. The definition of spam is “unsolicited” email.) How can you make sure that your own spam protection software never misclassifies Brigada as spam? Just create an entry in your address book with the email address, , or list that address in the “white list” (the addresses you don’t want your spam engine to whisk out of your sight). That’s all there is to it. Thanks for insuring that Brigada’s name isn’t dragged through the mud unnecessarily. :-)

5) Int’l School of Missions Seminar in Japan taught in English

From July 16 to Aug. 30, six international guest speakers will share at Christ For The Nations – Japan Bible School in Sapporo city, on Japan’s Northern island, Hokkaido. People of all ages and nations can attend for 6 weeks, or even for brief periods, such as one week or less. Classes are taught in English with Japanese interpretation.

Students enjoy the international fellowship and prayer, as well as the ministry during the additional week of Outreach (Aug.12-16) in the Sendai area, which is still recovering from the tsunami 2 years ago. More information can be found at

or in Japanese at

6) Speaker & seminar on Muslim-Christian engagement

John, an expert in Islam, world religions, dialogue, religious diplomacy, and peacemaking, is available for seminars in churches and other venues on Muslim-Christian engagement in the way of Jesus and other topics. He is the editor of a Christianity Today award-winning book on mission and evangelism, and a leader in Evangelical missions and dialogue. For more information visit or

You can also arrange for a presentation by contacting him by phone at (801) 643-6983.

7) New low-cost, solar Talking Bible

The new solar TB is engineered to serve in the most severe conditions in the global mission field. It charges in less than four hours of direct sunlight and plays for two hours when fully charged. Its high-quality speaker is loud enough for 200 people to hear the message. Talking Bibles International is asking $35.00 for single units and $30.00 or less for quantities of 12 or more. For orders of 1,000 the price is radically reduced. For more information and to see photos of the new solar TB check out

You can also call 1-800-318-7262 or email


8) 7th Annual Christian Storytelling Conference

It’s slated for August 8-10, 2013 in Peoria, Illinois. Plan to equip your team to be more effective communicators for Christ. Storytellers and Bible Tellers with years of experience will welcome you, prepare you, instruct you, coach you, and sometimes just entertain you. See and hear how storytelling can enhance your ministry. Check out

9) Feedback from Mission Orgs, Churches, and Education Institutions

Approximately 400 people from more than 200 churches, mission organizations and educational institutions participated in the Missio Nexus Seven-City Connection Tour from May 21 – 30. The feedback has been extremely positive as groups of leaders wrestled with practical questions raised by the high level findings of the 2013 Mission CEO Survey: Navigating Global Currents. The Executive Summary is available as a “featured product” in the MissioNexus online store starting at $9.95 (price is based on membership status) at

Note: Select “STORE” from the top menu.

10) 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

Once again this year, in preparation for Ramadan (which begins July 9th), WorldChristian News is distributing their well-known prayer guides, “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World.” This emphasis began in 1993 and has continued annually ever since. Get copies of this year’s full-color, 50+ page 30-Days prayer booklet at…

There are steep discounts available for bulk orders. Pray.

11) Another (Closer) Look at Sabeel Media

In a recent Brigada (June 2 edition, “5) Looking to Use Online Arabic Videos in Your Ministry?”), we mentioned Sabeel Media and suggested they had snippets from the Jesus Film. Actually, they have lots of other video snippets pointing to Isa, but not precisely the Jesus Film itself. Check them out yourself at…

(And thanks to Sabeel for the clarification!)

12) N. Am. Mission Leaders’ Conference in Dallas

The Fellowship of Short-Term Mission Leaders (FSTML) and The Standards of Excellence (SOE) in Short-Term Missions organization would like to invite you to join them as they partner with Missio Nexus in hosting the North American Mission Leaders Conference, Sept. 19-21 in Dallas. This first-time partnership brings the addition of a short-term missions track to the conference, and Missio Nexus is combining three of their annual conferences (Personnel, Finance/Administration, and North American Mission Leaders) into one and also partnering with the Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS) to provide a total of 7 affinity group tracks. Early bird pricing ends June 30.

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