Brigada – 2020-01-19

2) Save $350 through Dec 20 on Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced

(Note: Brigada fan Robby would like to find or found a network of Kingdom-minded Filemaker programmers and hobbyists. You can help by encouraging potential participants to contact him at )

Filemaker Pro Advanced is a flexible Mac & Windows programming environment, capable of creating stand-alone apps for Windows, Mac or iPad/iPhone. It can create quick, custom programs to simplify data gathering or presentation, publish a website to gather and present data, and simplify access to SQL data.

Filemaker Advanced normally costs $499 per license, or $299 for non-profits, teachers and students). And through Dec 20th, Filemaker is available for “buy one, get one free.”

Robby has offered to match up Brigada readers to collaborate in getting Filemaker for just $150 per copy. To participate (or learn more), email him at

To learn more about Filemaker, visit


3) ILS Int’l Releases “Countries and Peoples of the World”

Think of it as a digital library for leaders with a global vision. Find the details at…

or get the whole fact sheet at…

With over 56,000 pages of information, you’ll find info on ministry strategies, poverty, hunger, HIV/AIDS, urbanization, sustainable development, literacy, world faiths, minorities, persecution, orality, the least reached, and much more. This library also includes the beginning of a Global Digital Atlas with over 160 high-resolution color maps. There’s even a mini-course to promote global awareness. This tool would also be great for a worker without fast internet, because it contains information on thousands of unreached peoples (the type you’d perhaps normally seek online). Either way, it’s a treasure chest worth grabbing.

4) Help Seniors/parents make future plans

Are you a missionary with an aging parent somewhere back in the USA? Have you found it somewhat difficult to broach those tough questions you’re likely to face in the near future? If so, check out the free article entitled, “The Unpredictable Road Ahead.” It was written by a counselor and realtor to help seniors and their adult children work together on planning for the future transition needs to come. Go to

and click on “Seniors Help.” Please feel to copy and paste the article off for your personal review and sharing. While Carol is a realtor in the 847 area code, this article is applicable across the United States.

5) Know any Missions-minded Artists Out There?

If so, you might want to steer them to “The Mission Minded Artist (MMA),” a missions sending agency for specifically for artists.  They are based in Atlanta, GA and have been serving since 2007 by taking music groups, including black Gospel choirs, overseas.  Their vision statement reads, “To see a culture influenced for Christ by artistic people.”  They are accomplishing this vision by, “Discipling artists to be mission-minded.” Learn more at…

(Thanks for the tip, Allan!)

6) “Rain-Catchers” Are Catching On

Have you ever wondered how to be most effective in catching rain water and using it efficiently? Need a source to learn about all things solar? Looking for leads on sanitation systems for the village with which you’re working? Maybe you can find all your answers at..

Their complete catalog is online, ready for your 24/7 use.

(Thanks for the tip, Ben!)

7) Pray4Tunisia Helps Spin Off, “Pray for Indonesia”

Some time ago we included information about how a team focusing on Tunisia had set up a powerful web site with daily email prayer requests for those interested in praying for Tunisia (  Well over 100,000 people are now receiving prayer requests from this service and praying for Tunisia daily. The good folks at Pray4Tunisia were kind enough to share their “template.” Indpartners Agency, with counsel and guidance from “Pray4Tunisia,” set up “PrayingforIndonesia.” They wrote recently to say, “We want to thank Brigada for including this information in their regular bulletin. We also want to thank “Pray4Tunisia” for their generosity and guidance in helping us develop our site.” They now invite you to visit

To receive a daily prayer request, just sign up to pray in the box on the upper right hand corner of the home page.

8) Free Resources available for magazine publishers

Magazine Training International is offering free resources for magazine publishers and those working with magazines. Every 10 days a new ebook is available for free download or a session of a video course for viewing. Video courses cover topics related to magazine management and magazine design, while ebooks cover magazine management, magazine editing, magazine design, and magazine article writing. To check out the current offering, view MTI’s home page at

9) Learn “What Makes you Tick” Before Going Cross-Culturally

Here’s an agency that can help your field or agency by assessing prospective workers and volunteers. In addition, if you’re a prospective cross-cultural worker, this group could help you get a sense of “what makes you tick,” so that when you finally DO depart, you’ll be better prepared. What’s more, until January 15th, they are reportedly offering a significant discount off of their normal prices. Learn all about it at…

For example, married couples could do a “Couples Assessment.” Each person gets a 17 page report explaining you and your partner. These are proven Assessments with decades of research. They’re guaranteed to help you understand yourself (and each other) better.

10) Know any Good Tax-Preparers for Missionaries?

Here’s a Brigada reader wondering if we know any good tax-preparers who will take care of preparing tax returns for missionaries at a reasonable fee. Can you refer someone who understands form 2555 (Foreign Income Exclusion) and everything that goes with it? If so, please leave a comment following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

11) New Book about Sharing Christ, Not Dependency

Jean Johnson’s new book, “We Are Not The Hero: A Missionary’s Guide to Sharing Christ, Not A Culture of Dependency,” attempts to help us make sense out of the confusing and sometimes frustrating mixture of culture, politics, and all things foreign. Bringing a strong background in pioneer church-planting from Southeast Asia, she primes the pump for thoughts about church sustainability and multiplication cross-culturally. George Patterson wrote, “Had I read this before going to the field, I’d have avoided serious and painful cultural errors.” Learn more about the book at…


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