Why do we say they are forgotten peoples? Does nobody know who they are? No. Does nobody know they exist? No. Has the world forgotten these people? No. Do they have nothing to offer to the world? No. Many have asked why then is there a website called “The Forgotten Peoples” website. It is simply because at one time many years ago there was a huge presence of missionaries in this region, however this number has dwindled. The peoples are the Nama/Damara, the Herero, the Coloured of Namibia and the Mbalantu. They have little to no evangelical presence, no strategic volunteer teams visiting and no core of advocacy or prayer. Has God or even man forgotten these peoples? No. Pray that the Lord will raise up Christians in Namibia to share His word. Encourage others to pray for the unengaged peoples of Namibia. To adopt one of these people groups for prayer or for more information, please visit or email


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