Well-Known Member Care Author Seeks Foreign Language Resources

Kelly O’Donnell (that’s *the* Kelly O’Donnell — the one who wrote “Doing Member Care Well”) asked Brigada this past week if any of our Brigada participants might be aware of member care resources written or translated in other languages. Can you help? If so, please do. It would help us look really good if we could give Kelly some great answers back. :-) Besides that, you might be helping get member care to someone who realmente la necesita. If you *do* know of any, just click “Comment” below and post them. Thank you!!!!

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Chinese (simplified and traditional) and English http://www.Chinamembercare.com This site contains five case studies in Chinese by workers in China and 25 articles in Chinese mostly from Doing Member Care Well (2002). The case studies and articles have audio files as well. The English versions are also included. The site also has two books in Chinese: Serving as Senders by Neal Pirolo and Thriving in Another Culture by Joanne Dennett.

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    Bahasa Indonesia
    This web page contains a variety of member care materials, taken from workshops, handouts, and some articles.

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    This web page includes over 20 articles, mostly from Doing Member Care Well and the International Journal of FM.

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    This site has all kinds of practical materials on adjustment/health for workers. It also has an annotated, comprehensive list of articles in
    English related to member care. See especially the many short articles contained in the section “What Cross Cultural Workers Ought to Know”.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Materials on addictions


    This site is committed to help “the Christian community become a safe placefor people recovering from addiction, abuse, or trauma.” It includes materials on addictions/recovery, with links to sites in many languages. Workers like everyone else can struggle with many addictions that can incapacitate them and even disqualify them from ministry. Get help!

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    Hola Kelly,
    Here’s a brand new resource in Spanish (courtesy of COMIBAM Interntional).

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Hi from Kelly and Michele.
    Thanks Brigada.

    Just a slight adjustment to say we are looking for “international” languages. Not foreign languages.
    English is a foreign language to much of the world. :-)

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    Kelly: I believe you have access to the 20 translations of SERVING AS SENDERS. If not, I can email you an updated list. ~~~NEAL

  9. Kelly Reply

    Yes, thanks Neal.

    What a great book and resource you have done!

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