9) Rent Or Buy A "Worldphone"

If you need to stay connected, consider renting a cell phone and/or SIM card from the folks at Telestial.

If you use a US-based cell network like I do (I like Sprint’s plans), you’ll have to pick up a cheap GSM phone on ebay. Ask Telestial for help. Then ask them for a SIM card that will connect to the cell network in your destination country. Odds are, the cost will be prohibitive for anything but emergencies or a daily 2′ check-in. But having the cell phone option will be a great sense of security.

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  1. KathyC Reply

    I normally don’t need to “phone home” in an emergency..so use skype when available to me, for that purpose.

    I have a phone that I had unlocked for me on my last trip, and just purchase a local sim card whereever I go. Cheap as it gets!

    The only problem is, when I got home, the unlocked phone no longer worked with my tmobile sim. still working on that one! So you may want to have a designated phone for this purpose only.

  2. Lynn Taubeneck Reply

    I use CELTREK for my international phone needs. Their SIM works in almost every country without any hitches. Also, you get a USA phone number so your family can contact you in an emergency. The per-minute cost is about half of local SIM card.
    I travel over most of the known globe and have had no ptoblems with my service. Also. it is pay as you go so you don’t have to keep a running tab on your credit card. I just keep a small balance on my account. You can top off from any internet access or even the phone itself.
    Lynn Taubeneck
    Fort Worth, TX

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