4) Which Travel Agencies?: The Best Source For Missionary Travel

Where do you purchase your airline tickets these days? Let’s start a list that covers the best options worldwide… Best deals, best customer service, best selection… just click “comment” below and type in your own best source. Travel agents, feel free to volunteer! From this point on, you’ll always be able to find this list by logging on at Brigada, then clicking on the “Travel Agent” tag in the “tag cloud” in the left margin. Why not make it a permanent “bookmark” in your browser?!
26 Responses to 4) Which Travel Agencies?: The Best Source For Missionary Travel
  1. Anthony Parker Reply

    I always check with these 3: RaptimUSA, MTS Travel, and Siama. Depending on the trip, different ones can come up with the best price. Siama is great for last minute plans and flexibility, as their contracts with the carriers seem to allow more flexibility. Raptim can come up with some great fares, but tends to need quick payment to secure reservations, with greater fees for changing plans once booked.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    One of the best resources is http://www.kayak.com

    At this site, the user can set the parameters one normally sets, i.e. date, airports, etc.

    Then one can set the departure times and arrival times as well as those airlines that give the best perks, as in lowest price.

    It searches airlines AND the travel search engines, ex. Orbitz.

    While not required to use, establishing a profile will tailor return visits.

  3. Brian Stark Reply

    I’ve been using Springfield Travel for years and delighted with their level of customer service. http://www.springfieldtravel.com

    While I’ve been living in Australia, I’ve also used Tendai Travel http://www.tendaitravel.com/

    Both work a lot with missionaries and mission teams. Excellent customer service and competitive prices.

  4. Rock Reply

    I do recommend
    Riverside Travel in MN. I think I first found them on Brigada. Ted Groat directs Riverside. 800-337-6658

  5. Tracy Singleton Reply

    We have had good service and prices from Golden Rule Travel. Contact: Sharonatgoldruledotnet (800) 950-3599; (330) 852-8805; http://www.goldenruletravel.com/

  6. Bob Hitching Reply

    I have been a missionary for nearly forty years and have travelled to over 50 countries. I would not even consider any other agency other than City Express Travel.

  7. s white Reply

    I get great service from Suzanne at ExitUs travel. They serve everyone but love to serve mission workers.
    1.866 .NOW.EXIT
    I often ask for very complex itineraries and though they dont always get my biz, they are very helpful and speedy.
    I also get a lot of use out of a newer site http://www.yayama.com that uncovers many int’l airlines that dont typically appear on other web engines.

  8. Doug Boisvert Reply

    I have found Cherokee Travel in Georgia to be very helpful and their consolidators site is excellant for getting bottom line prices and estimates 24/7 on cheap airfares without having to wait to talk to travel agent. Link below

  9. Hope for tomorrow Reply

    We travelled with Menno Travel, a Raptim company, this summer and the service was great and we saved almost $2000.00 off the regular travel agent pricing. We received a 3 bag, 70 lbs each, allowance, when you’re a family of 6 that’s substantial!

    • Roland Muller Reply

      If you are a Canadian the natural choice is Menno Travel in Canada. They seem to focus specifically on missionaries. Their prices are good, I have been able to take 3 suitcases stuffed with books at no extra charge, and the price is always comparable with what I see online. Plus they bill the mission organization directly, so I just need to email them, and within a couple of hours they are emailing me various choices. http://www.mennotvl.com/

  10. Anonymous Reply

    I recently booked tickets to Mozambique through http://www.reservationsafrica.com and the fare was reasonable and good service. They have contracted fares with South African Airways. Often use http://www.mobissimo.com to get an idea of what fares are out there. Always check several sites for comparison.

  11. Doug Lucas Reply

    This is a great start! Please don’t forget to put websites (URLs) for each agency you mention, if you know them. Also, don’t feel bad posting your own site, if you’re a travel agent willing to work hard to get international travelers a great deal. I know my buddy, Eric, has put together a site that has beaten several of the “big 3” online web travel sources — upon several occasions. It’s an aggregator site:
    As you can see, the referrer shows up as Team Expansion, but I’m serious — just try this and if it beats Travelocity or some of the typical sites you use, then book it. Obviously, if it doesn’t, use your favorite site. (Disclaimer: In a typical month, this agency will send a $20-30 gift to Team Expansion as a donation to help cover the cost of recruiting new missionaries and keeping them in the field effectively. But — again — only use the site if it’s a better deal for you.)

  12. C.W. Sweatman Reply

    I’ve had a really good experience with “The Kingdom Company” in Birmingham, Al. The agent, Joy, is a joy to work with and if you are taking a group overseas, they will work out great Package deals, that save you a lot of time and money.

  13. Mary P Reply

    As mentioned above, I use kayak.com. By using them you actually book directly with the airline. Recently I was able to get a better deal through Kayak’s web site than I could through airline’s website.



  14. lmerklin Reply

    If your itinarary is on an airlines flight network, don’t forget to always try the airline’s website. Unless you have found a real “missionary” or “non-profit” price, you may find your cheapest fare there. Most of my flights are purchased on NWA, Delta, Continental, or United’s website even though I check all those other sources.

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Beth Banfill of ministrytravel.com has been extremely helpful when planning my mission trips

  16. SC Reply

    When booking from Australia, I always check:


    When booking from Europe:


    When booking from Asia:


    have both given me good rates.

  17. Anonymous Reply

    * Very highly recommend.* If you know you need to travel a certain route, go to farecompare.com. When you sign up (which is free) they will send you alerts via e-mail when the price on your chosen route(s) goes down. This can help you grab a new low fare before it sells out. they also have a newsletter with quite useful tips.
    Also agree on Kayak.com. If you sign up as a member you can search for flexible dates – nice feature.

  18. Brian Reply

    My name is Brian Purser, I worked with YWAM for 7 years working with and leading short term mission teams. For the past 15 years I’ve focused my passion for missions on providing the best possible value and savings for airfare. I work for http://www.flyforgood.com check us out, we would love to serve you! This is a MUST, check out the International Volunteer Card at http://www.volunteercard.com/?r=BP If you work with any non-profit, could be for a day, or your life. This membership card is awesome!!!!

  19. Chris Niemeyer Reply

    I am the owner of http://www.MisionTravel.org. I know we serve a lot of Brigada users as you mention where you found us and we appreciate the opportunity to serve the body of Christ in this way.
    At http://www.MissionTravel.org, our very best missionary airfare is secured through calling us – 1-888849-8850 – or emailing for a no-obligation quote – quoteatmissiontraveldotorg
    For international airfare travel, I would recommend checking with an agency like ours before you book with the airline directly. Kayak is only a good starting point for non-reliable research. If you book there, you’re not getting the greatest deal 99% of the time.
    Over the years, airfare has become increasingly competitive and the spectacular deals that once were are not as consistent. However, we still regualrly save clients $100+ per person to fly around the world and that adds up significanty when you’re talking about a group or family. I recently saved a lady flying back home to Africa over $2000 compared to what she found on Kayak and was about to purchase on Orbitz.
    Always check with a reliable missions travel agency first before thinking that the good deal you found is actually the lowest out there. You may be surprised!
    God bless you all as we share the love of Jesus to the nations,

  20. Jenny Reply

    I have worked with Laura Smith for years and highly recommend her.

    Laura Smith ~ All the World Travel
    1673 S Market Blvd #226, Chehalis WA 98532
    tel.360.266.8747 fax.360.838.9577

  21. Marjorie Broce Reply

    My family and I are missionaries in Uganda and we have found Chris Niemeyer of http://www.MisionTravel.org listed above to be a really great help is getting us good airfare prices–we love to take BA with their missionary airfare and take some free luggage with us!

  22. Millard Parrish Reply

    I just used Fellowship Travel talking directly with Leanne Leigers. Excellent service on best airfares to Kenya and back. And they can do it anywhere, for anyone or a group. 1-800-235-9384. or http://www.fellowship.com. I used Fellowship years ago, but switched over to another agency for a few years. But now I’m back to Fellowship.

  23. Anonymous Reply

    Note: We’ve received at least one complaint about the anonymous person who left this comment about “CBY Travel.” We’re leaving the comment here now as a warning to be very aware that this agency might not be legitimate! The original comment anonymously said they “have always done well for us we almost never go with another agency. Carlo Ruygrok cbytravelatsbcglobaldotnet will work with you to get the best itinerary and price.”

  24. Joe weinerbender Reply

    This company is a complete scam and owned by a scam artist. 19 people I’ve talked to have had the exact same experience. They try to find you the cheapest 4 star hotels and when the itinerary is finished everyone arrives at the destination and there are no reservations made! Had to stay at a hostel! The owner will not pick up the phone after we got back and tried to get a refund and went into the office he offered my 14 year old daughter drugs while I was on the phone! Do NOT give this person or Cby travel ONE PENNY! 7 months and still no response.

  25. Melinda Mileon Reply

    Hi my name is Melinda I own spectacular memories “Faith-based Travel, LLC. I specialize in all faith-based trips. I have a department for Missionaries and Volunteers. I not only help in setting up with Bulk air rates with extra baggage, but I also help with setting you up for fundraising and help you and your group get to hard to reach areas.
    When deciding on a Travel Agent you should always choose one that specializes in Faith-based, Missions and Volunteer Travel. We have agreements with Airlines and other organizations that the leisure travel agent will not have. I started out as a leisure agent in order to learn the business but since my background was in Missiology I decided to pursue this area as my expertise.

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