11) The BackPage: The Power of a Story

Have you been noticing lately just how much attention *storytelling* is receiving? We’ve always known that Jesus enjoyed teaching through stories or parables. As a kid, we found that stories were the stuff we remembered, not lectures. So in some ways, “storying” isn’t new at all. But think about it — there have probably been more resources aimed at Bible storytelling over the past 25 years than there had been in the 18 centuries prior.

Why this rebirth? Why the new emphasis on the old-fashioned medium? Do you think storying is a fad that will enjoy a cycle of renewal, then ebb and flow, like a fad? … or do you think this awakening is here to stay? Are you utilizing storytelling in your own ministry? Have you personally seen its effectiveness? If so, please tell a story or two about your stories! (I’m serious.) Also, if you have a favorite resource (web page, book, organization, etc.), please list it below. Just click on “Comment”. Help others get a head start on this approach that perhaps took a while for you to grasp. Mention a couple of general principles that you would encourage others to follow. It’s free… and totally anonymous to participate. Just click “Comment”, below.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    We live in Cambodia where over 70% of the population is functionally illiterate. Storying is the way to go! You may check out our resources and website at http://web.mac.com/theoralbibleschool/

    Blessings, Woody and Lynn Thigpen

  2. Mark Snowden Reply

    The International Orality Network is a great training and networking resource: http://www.oralbible.com

    “Making Disciples of Oral Learners” Lausanne paper, now book, but free download at:

    The Following Jesus audio series — 400+ storying sessions at http://fjseries.org


    Also check out:


    Scriptures in Use:

  3. Doug Lucas Reply

    Those are exactly the kinds of resources we need to hear about, Mark. Good work. Others?

  4. Anonymous Reply

    There are several ministries successfully using Bible storying, some offer storying workshops.

    Simply The Story has a 5 and 3-day workshop in Portland Dec. 9-13. Check their website http://www.gods-story.org/sts. The strength of their method is in their post story questions.

    The Southern Baptist IMB have a good tape series called "Following Jesus" that demos the story process from pre-evangelism to leadership training. About 70 CDs for under $100 – VERY complete!

    Scriptures In Use has an excellent strategy for evangelism and church planting woven into the their storying workshop.

    Paul & Teresa Koehler also have a successful approach called Multiplying Storytellers. They work in StorytelleratFinalApproachdotnet

    The most complete reference to ministries and materials can be found in the Lausanne paper "Making Disciples of Oral Learners."

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