11) The Backpage: Check Out Your Evening Sky On Dec. 1St

Most of us love it when heavenly bodies get together. There’s just something special about rendezvous. Take for instance… the evening sky… just after sunset on December 1st (2008). You’ll see Jupiter, Venus, and the crescent moon low in the southwest (assuming you’re not too far north in your vantage point) and that close triangle of lights will make a dandy sight in our night skies. (Map at left courtesy Sky & Telescope, by Gregg Dinderman)

And you know what? We like it when other “points of light” get together as well. Recently, our organization has been teaming up with another major organization to partner with a local church (also 3 “points of light”) to begin new projects among unreached Muslim people groups. I’ve thought more than once what a beautiful sight it is, seeing these three very different entities working together like this. From what I read in John 17, it’s bound to make the Lord happy too.

How ’bout you? Are you happy to see unity and partnerships these days too? If so, please click on “comment” below and share a brief testimony about what’s happening where you live. (As always, remember to be secure by avoiding names and exact locations of those working in sensitive places.) Feel free to provide URLs for the groups working hard at networking and partnering together. God is bound to smile on partnerships that seek to build unity toward honoring His name!

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  1. Dave Hackett Reply

    We at visionSynergy are continually inspired by the commitment of people and groups working to fully integrate partnership and networking into their ministries.

    visionSynergy (http://www.visionsynergy.net) puts all of its own energy into developing and serving the partnership movement. Our main site is http://www.powerofconnecting.net, but also see these:

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