4) Contributing To Brigada? Increase Your Readability

Got an item you’d like to see featured in Brigada Today? It’s easy — and it’s free. Just click to:


and see the menu item up top, “Submit an item.” Please note these often-missed mistakes:
*** You no longer have to encode email addresses. We use graphic “pictures” of your email address now, so spammer-harvesters can’t recognize your email address.
*** Please don’t use 1st person (like “I” or “we”) in your item. Write as if someone else is talking about your ministry or opportunity.
*** Please send your item in at least a month or 2 before your event. We often have a queue of items that will need to be featured before yours.
*** Do sponsored items appear first? Well, (with the exception of fund-raisers) we feature everybody — for free. But we’re human. If somebody sends in a gift, then in the same breath, mentions a workshop or new book, it’ll likely appear up top… and more often than not, sooner than most other items. Like I say, we’re human. :-)

But either way, feel free to try your item. Brigada Today is one of the only places on earth where you’ll get a readership of 10,000 recipients, some of which have been working in missions since the early nineties. *Many* of those 10,000 have been reading our items for years. *None* of those 10,000 subscribers were added by us. They all subscribed (apparently) because they wanted to see this information. And we don’t charge a dime for anything (though donations are warmly … I mean *warmly* received :-) ). And your item gets archived forever. If you don’t believe us, see our back-issues at


all the back to January ’95.

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