1) Global (SIM Card) Cell Provider

Here’s a great service for anyone wanting to keep in touch while traveling abroad. They provide a Global SIM card that can be used with any GSM Tri or Quad band phone to travel just about anywhere in the world. You will save as much as 90% or more on cellular calls while traveling abroad. Best of all they will assign you a local U.S. number to take with you so that friends and family here in the U.S. can easily keep in touch with you without making an International Long Distance call. Find out more by visiting their website


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  1. Lynn T. Reply

    I have been using this service for about a year now. It is pretty good. However, there are times that there is a 3-5 second delay in the transmission which makes it difficult to have a normal conversation. The cost per minute is good and it does really work almost anywhere in the world. It is very easy to purchase minutes on the internet. I recommend this service for limited communications and being reached in an emergency.


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