8) Like Brigada? Please pass the word

Enjoyed some nugget in Brigada at one point or another down through the years? If so, please help us spread the word. We constantly find that the best way to grow Brigada is through a simple block of text like this:

Hey… have you ever stopped by Brigada? They have a website at:
but the best way to have our memories jogged as to when they update it is to simply subscribe to the email version. It averages out to once a week, although, to be honest, because it’s written by real missionaries, sometimes they run behind. The thing is, it’s written by real missionaries… and they eventually always catch up. Anyway, to subscribe to the email version, just send an email of any kind (it doesn’t matter what’s in the subject) to:
brigada-today-subscribeatgooglegroupsdotcom  (brigada-today-subscribeatgooglegroupsdotcom)  

That’s it! That’s all you have to do. And by the way, they never share your information with anybody, nor sell nor give out their mailing list.

Obviously, you can make the referral even better by adding in a personal note if you’ve ever come across anything worthwhile in Brigada. And thanks in advance for passing on the Brigada good news!

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