7) Marriages and Muslims and Ministry

ringsThere doesn’t seem to be much research out there related to interfaith marriages between Muslims or former Muslims and Christians, particularly in regard to those serving in ministry. Know of any? If so, post those that are public domain by clicking “Comment” below. Forward your listings of books, journal articles, theses or dissertations to

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No need to tell her that this would be a great dissertation topic. She’s heard it several times already.

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  1. chris Jones Reply

    Hey Karen see you soon !!! One reason that there is a small info pool for such detail is that amongst many agencies there is a policy of active discouragement of such marriages, due to some of the bad experiences that have been part and parcel of certain fields. It is understandable then, given that this is discouraged that your field for research is somewhat reduced. One agency that I know that does allow such cross- cultural marriages and thus has some examples of these marriages is Friends of Turkey/Turkish World Outreach. They have several marriages that cross that divide and are in ministry so they may be a good source of information for you. If you need contact details you know where I am.

    Grace and peace
    Chris Jones

  2. Graham Roberts Reply

    Hi Karen! I’m writing from Sydney, Australia. You might be interested to check out a book I wrote and was published by Authentic Media in 2006. Title: “United in Marriage by ONE LORD: God’s Wisdom on Intermarriage in a Multifaith World”. When my wife and I were missionaries in Indonesia some years back, we had contact with a number of Christians who were falling in love with and marrying Muslims. God burdened my heart then to write a book from a pastoral/teaching perspective in order to offer compassionate counsel for His people grappling with a variety of issues arising in interfaith romantic relationships (both before and after marriage). Our book is available via Amazon. Check out our website under “Writings & Publications/Books”. FYI my wife continue to teach and counsel on this subject of interfaith marriage. FYI we have been most encouraged with the encouraging feedback from a number of readers around the world.
    Many blessings.

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