7) Seminary Offers Graduate Degrees On Line

rockbridgeOn line or distance learning is not a new concept but quality degree programs that are 100% on line are hard to find. One of our readers (Dennis) recommended Rockbridge Seminary. Rockbridge Seminary offers the Masters of Divinity in Ministry Leadership and the Masters of Ministry Leadership degree. They also offer a concentration on Recovery Ministries with both degrees for those working in the field of Missionary Care. There are currently students from several countries enrolled and many are in cross cultural ministry. For more information log on to


or contact them by email via their website. Of course, you need web access to do this program and they can only be contacted via the web or by calling to the USA at 1-866-931-4300 toll free or through their regular telephone at 1-417-459-4323. (Note: If it’s not too much trouble, tell them you saw the item by “Dennis” in Brigada. That way, they might also smile positively on our Brigada contributor. Who knows; he might get an A in his next class — or even a tuition discount! :-) )

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  1. Greg Snell Reply

    It is a great sadness to me that we are using the internet to remove the most important aspect of the training of pastors and church leaders – discipleship. You can do education on the internet but discipleship takes place in community and relationship. What the church needs is not just educated leaders, but men and women who walk like Jesus. Theological training needs to become more personal, not less. I am so sorry to see so many of our schools giving in to the pressures of the world.

  2. Sam Simmons Reply

    Greg, I am very interested in what you wrote. Let me offer a different perspective.

    The beauty of online seminary education is that it allows a ministry leader to continue serving where he has mentors and accountability relationships already formed. Our experience is that that e-learning allows theological training to actually become more supportive of local church community and the spiritual growth of seminarians. The American seminary gave in to the pressures of the academy over 200 years ago, causing division between the seminary and church. In my view, online learning has the potential of reconnecting the church and seminary in a way that is good for the Kingdom.

    Sam Simmons
    Cofounder, E-Learning Designer
    Rockbridge Seminary

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