13) Closing Stuff

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3 Responses to 13) Closing Stuff
  1. Trevor Eby Reply

    I really don’t want to beat the Mac/Windows drum here, but I’m using a Mac. It comes with a back-up utility called ‘Time Machine’ that creates a complete back-up of the hard drive automatically whenever the back-up drive is plugged in – as in ‘everything’, including programs. To load up a new machine/hard drive is just as simple as plugging the back-up drive into the new machine or selecting the new drive in Time Machine and clicking ‘Restore’.

  2. Editor Reply

    See — that’s the way Windows machines should work too. This whole idea that Vista didn’t give us the ability to hive over the operating system is for the birds. Thanks Trevor (for rubbing it in) :-) .

  3. Mark E. Wilt Reply

    I had a look at DiskCopy 2, and noticed it’s little more than a specialized mini-distro of Linux (you know, Ubuntu, etc?) It’s the sort of thing that anyone w/ Linux admin skills can perform as a semi-trivial task. In fact, we do such services for our Windows-bound personnel fairly regularly….

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