2) What’s the best simulcast to multiple sites?

I’ve tried using TokBox


I like Tokbox. It’s kinda like the classical “BradyBunch” view of participants (“Hollywood Squares” sort of). It’s medium inexpensive.

To do a simulcast video conference. Once I get to 6 or 7 participants, seems like it’s already maxing out. There’s some latency, some dropped connections, etc. But it’s still the best I can find so far. It doesn’t let me broadcast my desktop though, like a classical webinar provider. For that, I’ve relied on…


It doesn’t simulcast the video, though. Just desktop — which, don’t get me wrong, is still great. It’s medium expensive.

Also have tried using uStream…


I like it… but again, it’s just video and audio… and there are periods of latency and some drop-outs. No desktop-sharing. But the number of participants is through the roof. *Lots*. It’s very inexpensive.

Do you have a favorite service that fits in with these? A Brigada participant in North Africa is extremely interested. What’s your best recommendation?

If you have an option, just click “Comment” under this item. Thanks in advance for your help! Doug

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  1. Bob Reply

    We use Adobe ConnectNow (http://www.adobe.com/acom/connectnow/). It comes with various options depending on the size of group you need to communicate with. There is a free version that allows up to 3 participants and works great for small groups or if you just want to try it out. Other versions will allow up to 20 participants but has some cost. We use a version that allows up to 5 participants that is less than $13/month with a 1 year subscription.

    Besides the video conferencing, Adobe ConnectNow provides a rich selection of services such as whiteboard, shared notes, chat, screen sharing, & file sharing. It uses Flash so there are no special downloads.

    For a virtually unlimited audience size we use a service called LiveStream. It’s very similar to UStream. We see these services great for broadcasting a webinar but are somewhat limited for two way conferencing. LiveStream allows chat so there can be limited interaction with the moderator and between participants.

  2. eb Reply

    I use a combination of skype (for audio) and MIKOGO. (find it at mikogoDOTcom. It’s free, allows (really !) sharing of desktops, files, etc. We use it several times/week. It’s secure, and is easily set up by the presenter. A very nice tool.
    In the past, I also used VSEE, (vseeDOTcom) though earlier versions occasionally conflicted with Skype. Later versions are said to be good, though I’ve not had time to check.

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