2) Traveling Overseas on a Regular Basis? —

You might want to get a repeat traveler’s international insurance coverage. That way, you’ll avoid the need to apply for a short-term insurance plan every time you travel internationally. By applying for a multi-trip plan, you will be covered for an unlimited number of trips for a whole year. If you make at least two trips a year, a multi-trip plan will be very cost-effective and your best option. Good Neighbor Insurance has such a plan. The best one is priced at $89 a year for a person under age 50. (If you are between 51-84 it will be $109.) This plan provides $250,000 of medical evacuation coverage. It also includes medical coverage and a whole range of other benefits. Minimal medical coverage is also included for all trips within the USA that are at least 200 miles from your home. The company provides an upgraded multi-trip plan for those interested in even more coverage. Requirements: You must be a U.S. resident leaving from the USA and must have U.S. domestic insurance coverage. Learn more at…


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