5) Where There Was No Church (the Book) —

If you want to learn how the Father is at work among Muslims, and how you can better cooperate with Him, check out this newly released book.  Sub-titled “Postcards from Followers of Jesus in the Muslim World,” it does a great job further illustrating fruitful practices among Muslims (it is another offering from some of those behind From Seed to Fruit).  And if you want to dig a bit more deeply and learn from the stories, it includes helpful questions for personal or group study. It will be available soon by major booksellers like Amazon.com, but for a limited time it is being sold for a discount at


You can get more details on the book there, too, including an expanded table of contents and even a sample chapter.  Take a look, and if you like it, grab a copy – and spread the word.

Oh, and all you Kindle lovers out there (you know who you are!); the Kindle version is already available from Amazon.com for just $4.99.

(Not to worry if you use a Nook, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, or other eBook reader – an ePub version should be released shortly and be available from B&N and iTunes.)

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  1. Brad Reply

    Note that the book (paperbook, as well as Kindle) is now for sale on Amazon’s U.S. & UK sites. However, it is currently out of stock. As a result, the special promotional discount price is being extended for a limited time at http://www.learningtogetherpress.com. Grab a copy NOW before the price jumps to the Amazon (U.S.) price of $12.50.

  2. eventus godwin dickson Reply

    i have three question
    1 who whole the church
    2 who is there of the church
    3 who are the member of the church

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