6) Church Planting + Leadership Development + Mentoring —

That’s what you get from these sites:



We’ve mentioned them before in Brigada, but it’s been a while. Allan, one of the guys in our Equipping Dept. at Team Expansion, sent out a note to our staff about them this past week and it reminded me it had been too long since we mentioned them here. Last we heard, the Paul-timothy materials are free and available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and various languages of India. Train & Multiply comes with a fee and, in Allan’s words, “is also in a bazillion languages.” (That must be a scientific number/term because, if I recall, he has his Ph.D. in Chemistry or Physics. :-) Thanks Allan.)

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  1. donna Reply

    I really love such programs that includes leadership, it’s a great thing that i have encountered many organizations still putting leadership up and making people learn and discover more things about it.

  2. Donna Reply

    Being a good Leadership like here is something was very interesting rule and makes the good developement of the community like this.

  3. sağlık haberleri Reply

    I really love such programs ;)

  4. aaron Reply

    All Nations Family (www.allnations.us) invites George Patterson, creator of Train and Multiply) every year to teach for 5 days. You can join them (worth the plane ticket!!)

    Contact parlundatallnationsdotus

    Come join us in Kansas City for the week!
    For most of our students it’s the most life-changing part of their training. The cost is $200 for the week. It is strongly recommended that you come for the whole week, but if you absolutely cannot, you can still come for Monday the 24th. Cost for only attending Monday is $50. If you would like to participate, e-mail the Director of CPx with your name, address, and phone number.

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