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  1. Lloyd Colston Reply

    In the Department of Redundancy Department, this is only one of the free conference call services.

    http://www.rondee.com is one and http://confreecall.com/ and https://www.freeconference.com/Home.aspx is another one.

    Free signup at all three and, if one goes down or becomes unfree, you have a backup.

    Hope that helps.

    https://www.dld.bz/phones is a site that offers a paid service.

  2. Wiliam Eberwein Reply

    Another freebie: GroupMe.com. Register cell numbers in a group and get a free new number. One text goes to all members (with a prefix, like “Bill: “). And a phone call goes to all members.

  3. Editor Reply

    Whoa… Bill… thanks for the tip. We’re going to check out GroupMe.com for sure. I’ve been looking for that text-to-all feature. Lloyd thanks for the redundancy!

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