6) Digital Bibles Project Bible on cell phones —

Several Bible translation groups and other mission groups are involved. The project targets the 5 billion people who have cell phones. Please send your email to


He will be blogging his trip to several countries in Africa for this project. He and the team need your very important prayer support. No one else prays your prayers, so please be a part of this great effort to enable people in many countries who speak many languages to download (free) the Bible in their language in text and voice.

4 Responses to 6) Digital Bibles Project Bible on cell phones —
  1. Eric Graham Reply

    I’m very interested in this project. Would like to know about the technical details, the languages being served etc.


  2. Brad Rhoads Reply

    We’re doing this kind of work at MAF Learning Technologies (http://www.maflt.org). Would like to hear more. Is than AND bible? Go Bible? Something else?

  3. Dave Hackett Reply

    Yes, I’m very interested as well, and would like Stephen to get to know others in the Mobile Ministry Forum (http://www.mobileministryforum.org) which would be a great set of colleagues for him.

  4. Stephen Keel Reply

    We have really good hardware and training tools for your project…

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