5) Need Fresh Water for your Village? Try Sawyer —

Check out Sawyer water filtration at…




The filter they offer reportedly cleans up to 500 gallons per day, offering a simple gravity design, easy maintenance, and easy use, all with a $60 filter. A slightly more expensive version ($100) also filters out viruses. With proper use, its designers say it’s good for one million gallons per filter. If you have experience with the Sawyer solution (I personally do not but Brigada participant, Andy, highly recommends it), please use the comment box below to give your impressions. (Thanks Andy!)

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  1. Howard Reply

    I have seen demonstrations of these filters and read the independent lab tests. Deeper Roots Publications sell devotionals for short-term teams (www,DeeperRoots.com).

    After I saw these filters demonstrated I realized they were the real deal and I put them on my website for resale. The viral bucket filter (SP190 Sawyer Point Zero Two™ Purifier Bucket Adapter Kit) costs less than $150 (not $100 as reported) and is amazing.

    Weighs less than 2 lbs and yet will clean 5 gallons of water from ANY source in about 45 minutes. We have sold several of them to missionaries and one missionary recounted using them for a year in Africa with no sickness. When they returned for home assignment the people “opened” the filter to see what was inside, didn’t reassemble properly. Many people got sick afterward. That same missionary purchased 2 more to take back as they returned to the field.

  2. Robby Reply

    I’ve been working with Lou Haveman, who is overseeing global business development for this filter. It represents a great step toward eradicating water-borne disease. See my article in Mission Frontiers at .

    If you need to take out other contaminants (lead, arsenic, etc.) check out the Brigada discount on Berkey filters: .

  3. Robby Reply

    I see that the links got dropped out of my comment and have submitted a request to have those added. Meanwhile here is the sidebar from my MF article with another attempt to include the links:

    * Most filters provide only enough clean water for drinking. But at 8 gal/hr gravity-fed to 3 gal/min under pressure, Sawyer fi lters produce enough water to bathe and wash clothes as well, thus eliminating contact illnesses and parasites.

    * Some church schools with Sawyer filters give students unlimited clean water plus all they want to carry home at night. They then give clean water to the community in the evening, so that the church becomes the daily “watering hole.”

    * A MAP, Int. study in Bolivia showed that people using Sawyer filters gain an extra 20-30 days of productive work per year!

    * Th e same study in Ecuador showed improved general health yielding annual reductions of $30–40 per year in medical expenses. A study in Rwanda by Compassion, Int. gave similar results.

    * Another study in Bolivia by Food For the Hungry showed an 85% reduction in dysentery, eliminating all cases from contaminated water.

    * A study of 20 schools in Pakistan using Sawyer filters found an increase in attendance from 70% to 92% through improved health.

    * Sawyer manufactures its filters in the country of
    distribution. One Haitian remarked, “Everyone is sending us stuff , but you give us jobs.”

    For missionary discounts and business opportunities with Sawyer filters, visit


    To see my MF article, visit


  4. Robby Reply

    Oops. I forgot the links for the discount on the more thorough Berkey filters (countertop and portable):



  5. Bob Reply

    Here is a web site with details on how to build a sand water filter.


  6. Bob Reply

    … and here is a training manual by
    on how to build a bio sand filter.


  7. Lou Reply

    Business-Connect represents Sawyer distribution of the SP180 filter internationally. Here it is in summary:
    1. Best degree of bacterial filtration.
    2. Each filter tested three times before leaving the factory.
    3. Durable, manufactures warranty.
    4. High flow rate, up to 300 litres/day
    5. Point of use filtration.
    6. Immediate use
    7. Portable, only 8oz plus your container or bucket.
    8. Maintenance is back flushing, takes seconds.
    9. Can be the basis of a small business.
    10. Less than $60.00 anywhere in the world.

  8. Robby Reply

    Here’s a 4 minute video in circulation by Rotary regarding the use and useful of the Sawyer filter:


  9. Joyce Strong Reply

    An orphanage in Kitale, Kenya, that my ministry supports desperately needs one of these. During heavy rains, the wells become polluted. We’ve just drilled a new well and need a system to control its purity. The big question is: How do we get it to Kenya? Do you ship there?


  10. Joyce Strong Reply

    Correction to my website address below.

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