8) New Fictional Book to Reflect on Missionary Training —

It’s a great idea, … and a great book. This past week, I received a book from a successful author and, you know, the book, “Stones in the Path,” though fictional, does indeed teach lessons! The genesis of the novel was someone looking at a 200-page book (e.g., “Skills, Knowledge, Character” or SKC) and either being overwhelmed by the volume or not having a vision for mentoring.


Jason, the main character, because of his very proper Christian upbringing, could look like an ideal candidate. But what is under the surface shows that substance is lacking. Through this unique approach, the author hopes that the book will help people see some of the critical character issues that are not readily seen as part of “missionary prep” kinds of activities.


Priced retail at $13.99, the author is making it available to Brigada readers for $12, shipping included. You can also get “Stones” plus SKC for $25, shipping included.

9 Responses to 8) New Fictional Book to Reflect on Missionary Training —
  1. Steve Reply

    I would like to get this book, but can’t find any info or link in the report to do so. Any suggestions?

  2. Dawn McCordic Reply

    I too want to know how to get a couple of copies! More info please.

  3. Sondy Ward Reply

    interested in getting a copy – I live in Melbourne Australia – any possibilities?

  4. Dave Nelson Reply

    I’d like to know, as well!

  5. Jeff Reply

    Any chance on details for getting this book… how about electronically for those of us that live overseas (assuming this is available in the US). Is there a website???

  6. Marti Smith Reply

    Hey, just found this item while working on my own review of the book. I read and really liked the book, but it’s hard to spread the word when it’s self-published and not available anywhere on the web :-( You can get it from the author, though, via check or PayPal. Turtle River Press, 153 Bedford Court, Valparaiso, IN 46383. turtleriverpressatgmaildotcom

  7. Marti Smith Reply

    Just posted my review at http://missionscatalyst.net/?p=2558, with a PDF of the book’s introduction. But if you think you want a copy, do tell them you heard about it at Brigada; that will get you the best price.

  8. Greg Carter Reply

    I am the author of these books.
    As a self-published author I run the company out of one of the unused bedrooms in our home.
    Yes, Brigada price still exists. Send a check to 153 Bedford Court, Valparaiso, IN 46383.

    Or, if you still need more info, contact me at Turtleriverpressatgmaildotcom

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