8) God is Blessing! —

We give thanks for the great folks in Bedford, Mass, who sent $50 to undergird Brigada’s global ministry of sharing resources, trends, and news with missions-minded folks everywhere. Joining them were…


World Outreach Missions, who equipped our ministry with $250


The folks who brought you “Telling God’s Stories with Power” ($10)


A worker with with OC International, known as “Missão Sepal” in Brazil, serving pastors and leaders to develop healthy churches to impact the nations (sent $75). The gift included a note saying, “Thanks for the resources for ministry around the world that Brigada has provided weekly over the years. I have benefited by keeping on target by clicking on Brigada resources for our ministry in Brazil.” [Whoa. Thanks.]

A big fan of his denomination’s relief arm, “The Hanna Project,” which promotes “help, hope, and healing” in the hard to reach places (creative access mainly). This encourager sent $20 and a note saying, “I’ve benefited from Brigada info for about 14 years and have never sent a gift, thinking someone else could afford it better than I. I’m still not ‘rolling in dough’ but I have to say thank you in a tangible way. Thanks, Brigada for helping me fulfill the Great Commission.”


The folks who make possible the ministry of Family Circus Children’s Ministry ($25), which feeds the hungry — especially children. This year while ministering the Gospel through drama, they distributed more than 300,000 meals to malnourished children, widows, and needy families. They’re basically just having fun serving the King in Southern Philippines. God bless them!


Mission Nannys sent $200. They seek to glorify God by sending volunteers over to help needy missionary families. God has allowed 155 women to serve in the last 20 years including the 19 that went out this year. If you need some help, go to




and email the director. She would love to hear from us. They pray, asking the Lord for exactly the right person needed, at least in the beginning.


An anonymous who sent $1000 from his post in Central Asia, asking the world to step up and match his gift from the field.


Another anonymous donor who sent $1000, asking Brigada participants to “step up to the plate if you or someone you know has benefited from Brigada” [Wow! Thank you!!!!] He enclosed a note which said, “Thanks so much for the incredible amount of work you put into resourcing all of us out here. I don’t think it’s possible to measure the value I receive from all the information and networking found in the Brigada updates, to say nothing of the people I am able to connect with specific information or opportunities that help them find a way to further use their passion and giftedness for Kingdom purposes. I’m trusting God’s people will step up and a wave of generosity will overwhelm this ministry’s need. And in that I hope you find a sense of affirmation that what you are doing (sometimes late at night :-) ) is making an eternal difference.” Wow. Now I know how Jimmy Stewart felt. Seriously. Thanks for the encouragement!


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