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True Confessions here: The Bible application that I was using on my old Windows phone was simply horrible. It took forever to get to the scripture reference, and when I finally clicked through all the steps to get there, the buggy software took much of the joy out of reading through the Lord’s teachings, I’m sorry to say. Enter the iPhone and all that changed. For my own tastes, I settled on Olive Tree Bible Reader (in the App Store). The initial “base version” (with King James version) is absolutely free… but if you’re hankering for other translations (like NIV), as well as commentaries, Bible dictionaries, word studies, devotionals, etc., they’re all available — but it’ll set you back just a bit (not as much as you think). Once you get the translation you like, the experience is amazing… with a clean and clear reading experience, simple library functions to get to your other helps, a super-fast “Go to” function, and a search function to beat the band. Plus you can track bookmarks, highlights, ribbons, tags, and notes — and the notes sync across the Internet by automatically sailing into your Evernote vault (see Evernote immediately above). Honest — I don’t see how it could be any slicker, but maybe someone here will find a way. After all, personal Bible study software is inherently, well, personal. And we’ll no doubt have our Logos lovers nearby. Let’s hear it: What’s your favorite Bible app and why?

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  1. Adriano Reply

    I have tried the Olive Tree, but then i’ve came across the Youversion app. Besides the default features, (search, tags and different versions ) , it gives me several languages as well, some of them including audio versions. Very handy and free.

  2. Ed Reply

    No Bible app has yet met my expectations for what I think we should have by this time, so I use Mantis, Olive Tree and Accordance. Each has significant strengths and weaknesses, but no one has it all. In a perfect world the developers of these apps would work together harmoniously and come up with a truly awesome Bible app.

  3. David Housholder Reply

    I also use multiple apps for Bible reading and study, but the one I go to when I want to do serious study is Laridian PocketBible. There are many excellent reference works available, an effective use of multiple windows (up to 5 on the iPad), and notes and highlights synchronize to the iPhone, iPad, and Windows installations.

  4. Don Reply

    Ok… here stands a Logos lover :) It isn’t fair to compare Logos to the other options out there. I have access to my entire theological library using Logos but that comes with a price tag. If you are looking for a cheap solution, Logos is not your answer. If you are looking for a solution all of your books, commentaries, word studies, and Bibles… Logos is awesome. Their iPad app is even better!

  5. Stayton Reply

    My favorite iPhone Bible is the Crossway ESV Bible – free and with LOTS of features like footnotes, highlighting, search, favorites, etc

  6. Karen in AZ Reply

    The one I use almost exclusively is YouVersion. I have it loaded on both my Touch and iPad. In fact, for 6 months, I didn’t know where my print Study Bible was even located! (I did finally find it, but it sits, unused.) I use the YouVersion (I like both NIV and Message for readability) for reading, study, during sermons/teaching and when I lead workshops. I can bookmark the references I use and they’re available immediately.

  7. Barend Reply

    Definitely Youversion . . . great reading plans, tons of Bibles for free, great note-taking facility, easy to tweet . . . and it is free. I have tried Glo and Logos, but I always come back to Youversion.

  8. Brad Reply

    I’m also a big YouVersion fan. Thought I have a few, this is my go-to Bible app. You can download a few versions for free, and access tons of others with a data connection. Their reading plans are fantastic, and they have other great (even if basic) features – highlighting, note taking, excellent integration with social media, etc. The integrated audio option is a real plus. I also greatly appreciate their extremely robust development cycle. They seem more aggressive at getting updates out than others. I also like Laridian’s PocketBible, mainly b/c I can add in the long list of resources purchased years ago when I was using one of the first Palm devices ;-) I’ve previewed the Logos version and have read up on it — mixed reviews, but if you’re already using Logos on your computer, their iOS app obviously makes great sense. I’m also considering the Glo Bible. They seem to be taking the lead on integrating multimedia features, which is where I think things are heading. It also integrates with YouVersion.

  9. Jon Reply

    Another nod for YouVersion’s app. Read through the Bible in 2011 with it and appreciated it’s reading plans features. Maybe not the best solution for in depth study but simple and practical for devotional/reading use.

  10. JLG Reply

    I like OliveTree as well. YouVersion really needs internet access, though for general reading it’s OK. The new OliveTree Mac desktop app makes it easy to access all your resources from either place. I still tend to go to Accordance for in-depth study and preparation, but I’m splitting time between that and OliveTree.

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